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5 marketing ideas to supercharge your dental practice
3/10/2020 Janil Jean
Getting started the right way with your dental marketing campaign will really pay off in the long term.
Counselor's corner: Saving dental hygiene—who is responsible?
3/4/2020 Kandice Swarthout, MS, RDH, LPC
When it comes to changing the dental hygiene profession, you're more powerful than you think.
Strategies for growing your dental practice in 2020
3/4/2020 Anthony Bart
Do you want to attract those all-important dental patients? It's important to maintain an excellent website with high SEO. This is easier than it sounds. Anthony Bart explains what steps you need to take.
The practices that invisible DSOs value most
2/21/2020 Chip Fichtner
Invisible dental support organizations now quietly own parts of thousands of practices across the country and new IDSOs are being formed every month. This is not a fad. It is accelerating.
How life’s waves can make you a better dental assistant
2/21/2020 Kevin Henry
All dental assistants will have waves in their lives. It's how they handle those waves that makes a difference.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Is it proper to alter amount in dental patients’ accounts after billing?
2/21/2020 Team Troubleshooter
This dental team member has been instructed to change the amount billed in patients' ledgers. She's concerned there might be a problem with this.
Keep more of what you produce in your dental practice
2/21/2020 Roger P. Levin, DDS
Dentists often hesitate to ask patients to pay at the time of their appointments, or increase their fees, or start big cases sooner rather than later. Dr. Roger Levin says taking these steps will help you keep more of what you work hard to earn.
Is there a gap between sales and operations? Yes, and it needs to be bridged
2/21/2020 Matthew Newman
After 20-plus years in dental, Matt Newman is still looking for ways to help sales and operations create synergy. There are many things each needs to realize about the other so that everyone can just get along, and be profitable.
A simplified approach to cementation of bonded restorations
2/21/2020 Daniel Vasquez, DDS
Dentists can now provide natural-looking bonded restorations quickly and easily. Dr. Daniel Vasquez presents a clinical case demonstrating how he saved treatment time and cleanup costs.
Achieving change in the Dental Industry
2/18/2020 Merv Saultry
Major change in any established health profession is a prolonged process. It does not have to be but that is how it is.
Why are soft skills important at work?
2/18/2020 David Leahy
It’s no secret that interpersonal skills are the next big thing in HR. In layman terms, soft skills will most likely define the future.
Algorithm vs Human Instinct
2/18/2020 David Leahy
I have never met anyone who deliberately set out to hire the wrong person for the job. In fact, everyone wants to have the best people in the right positions.
The 5 essentials of a superb chairside manner
2/14/2020 Dianne Glasscoe Watterson, MBA
Due to being shy and introverted, this dentist has trouble "connecting" with patients, and business is suffering as a result. What can be done about this situation?
How to respond to a negative online review
2/14/2020 Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD
There is something about getting a bad online review that cuts right down to the deepest portion of our souls.
Listening is one of dental assistants’ most important skills
2/14/2020 Belle DuCharme, RDA, CDPMA
Belle DuCharme, RDA, learned so much from a patient who another dental practice had written off as "not interested in keeping his teeth." Her ability to ask questions and truly listen led to a long relationship with the patient and his family.
I'm baaaack...!
2/13/2020 DentistryIQ
In her first DentistryIQ editor's note, Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, DMD, (re)introduces herself and previews her plans as chief editor.
Bad health habits in dental hygiene school can mean big trouble later on
2/13/2020 Annamarie Pamphilis, ND, MH, BSDH, RDH, RMT, CHC
"When I was in college studying my prerequisites to get into the dental hygiene program, I became a chain-smoking, coffee-drinking, fast food junkie," says Annamarie Pamphilis. Make these changes and don't suffer the same consequences she did.
How to calculate ROI for dental technology
2/13/2020 Chris Salierno, DDS
Dr. Chris Salierno reminds dentists they don't have to rely on their instincts to make big investment and technology decisions. Calculating an ROI formula can work wonders in determining how a practice's dollars should be spent. Get started now.
Enhanced Dental Product: HeronIOS Intraoral Scanner from 3DISC
2/12/2020 dentalcompare
The HeronIOS intraoral scanner has new capabilities through HeronClinic and HeronCloud software.
5 ways to improve your clinical experience in 2020
2/12/2020 Amber Auger, MPH, RDH
You cannot control what happens in your day, but you can control how you show up for it.
Updates on periodontal disease pathogens and the heart
2/11/2020 Richard H. Nagelberg, DDS
A mountain of evidence demonstrates that periodontitis is a potential risk element for atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. But how do we educate patients about the implications of reducing bacteria and inflammation beyond the oral cavity?
Setting realistic goals for your dental team members
2/11/2020 Heather Colicchio
Setting and meeting practice goals is a team effort. AADOM founder Heather Colicchio says dental office managers often lead these efforts in motivating team members and providing mentors for those who are learning.
The hidden value of structured onboarding for your dental practice
2/11/2020 DentistryIQ
Having a plan in place when training your dental employees will make the process move along smoothly and more efficiently.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Dental assistant kicked out of position and struggling with new management
2/11/2020 Team Troubleshooter
This dental assistant was moved to the front desk. That's been hard enough, and now her replacement is spreading gossip about her. She's stressed and depressed.
XLDent Acquires DentalMate
1/30/2020 DentalCompare
XLDent recently acquired DentalMate, a company that has provided practice management software maintained by MDC Systems and Services since 2003.
Electric handpieces: Should you invest in an automatic handpiece maintenance machine?
1/3/2020 Glenn Williams
A dental handpiece repair technician explains the pros and cons of automatic handpiece maintenance machines, which can improve performance, protect your investment, and free up staff time.
Are you ready to sell your Dental Practice?
1/3/2020 Jan Gray -
Australia’s population, like most developed countries, is ageing as a result of sustained low fertility and increasing life expectancy. The median age of Australians in 2015 has increased to 37.2 years.
Don’t troll, just scroll: Suggestions for successful social media use
1/3/2020 Rebecca Neilson, BS.
As a member of several dental hygiene Facebook groups, I have been impressed with the overall supportive online environment. At the same time, I have been surprised by the negativity that sometimes arises.
Your Front office team should look for opportunities before they look at numbers
1/3/2020 Greg Prince
This dental office manager tells his peers that it's important to track the "health" of the practice. When Greg Prince's practice faced challenges, the team worked together to tackle them head-on, and they've found profits and strong systems.
Counselor's corner: The good, the bad, the rude—managing difficult patients
1/2/2020 Kandice Swarthout, MS, RDH, LPC
Have some of your patients been hitting the "jerk workshop"? These kind of behaviors can mask dental anxieties. Here's how to defuse the situation.
Dull instruments and hand injury to the hygienist: There's a connection
1/2/2020 Deborah McGlynn, BS, RDH
Deborah McGlynn, BS, RDH, explains how using dull, poorly sharpened instruments can lead to hand injury, and demonstrates proper sharpening techniques.
Net Promoter Score (NPS) the new ‘percentage of collections’: How to compensate employee dentists
1/2/2020 Marc Schlenoff, DDS, FAGD
Compensating employee dentists with a percentage of their collections is great for employer dentists but bad for patients, explains Dr. Marc Schlenoff, since it prioritizes quantity over quality. Here are ideas for how to handle compensation.
Thursday Troubleshooter: How many people are needed to run the front office smoothly?
1/2/2020 Team Troubleshooter
The front office is feeling a bit crowded to this dental office manager, who believes she can handle this small practice's front office single-handedly. But, can she really?
Diagnosis for BC oral pathology case No. 44: Something to sleep on...
1/2/2020 Erin Elliott, DDS
Dr. Erin Elliott has a diagnosis for the dark, radiolucent lesion she found on the lower right jaw, anterior to the angle of the mandible, of her 61-year-old patient. This defect does not require treatment; only monitoring.
New Dental Product: Orapeutic™ Non-Opioid Oral Pain Relief Gel from Forward Science
1/2/2020 DentalCompare
Forward Science recently received FDA Clearance for Orapeutic™, a non-opioid oral pain relief gel. The gel was created to fight the opioid epidemic the industry is facing.
Emerging DSOs should not grow too quickly
1/1/2020 Chris Salierno, DDS
If you want to add more offices, go for it! But before you dive into such a life-changing decision, listen to the dentists who have been there, and who know the problems that can be avoided by making sure your current office is top notch.
Dental controversy, challenges, and change: 2019 in a nutshell
1/1/2020 Dr. Stacey Gividen
Dental controversy, challenges, and change: 2019 in a nutshell Editorial Director Dr. Stacey Gividen goes through the top articles from Breakthrough Clinical in 2019, gives her impressions of the year, and offers her outlook for 2020.
Is there a place for a higher power in the operatory?
1/1/2020 Anne O. Rice, BS, RDH
Certain topics never belong in the operatory—or do they? Anne O. Rice, BS, RDH, argues that religion and spirituality can, in some cases, be successfully integrated in the dental health-care setting.
Why I’m glad I started out as a temp hygienist
1/1/2020 Marguerite Maslo, DipDH, BSc, RDH
Temping is a great way to establish your roots as an aspiring health-care practitioner, especially if you are a new dental hygiene graduate with minimal connections in a competitive market.
Watch Video: The 7 Secrets to Solve Last-Minute Cancellations
1/1/2020 DentalCompare
New Dental Product: Midwest® Stylus Plus Mini from Dentsply Sirona
1/1/2020 DentalCompare
Dentsply Sirona recently introduced the Midwest® Stylus Plus Mini, a smaller handpiece that features an improved grip and a shorter head for deeper access.
Surviving holiday stress and the end-of-the-year rush in dentistry
12/31/2019 Natalie Kaweckyj, BA, LDA
It's no secret that the holiday season can become overwhelming, and that includes at the dental office. Maintaining your cool is important, and to help, Natalie Kaweckyj, BA, LDA, shares ideas for how to make the holidays less stressful.
Hand hygiene: Are dental professionals doing it right?
12/27/2019 Karen Daw
The guidelines that dental health-care professionals should follow regarding hand hygiene are clear. But infection control expert Karen Daw wonders how many dental teams are following proper hand hygiene as closely as they should?
Dear new graduates: Some words of encouragement from your former clinical instructor
12/24/2019 Julie Whiteley, BS, RDH
As you begin your life as a dental hygiene graduate, remember: you know so much more than you think. It can feel unsettling to step into a new job, But think of it this way...
The ADA’s Guidelines for Infection Control
12/2/2019 ADA
The ADA’s Guidelines for Infection Control describes the infection control procedures, responsibilities and obligations of dental practitioners and their clinical support staff.
Myth busters for dental assistants: Waterline contamination in dental offices
12/2/2019 Dental Assisting Digest eNewsletter
Waterline contamination is a huge concern in dentistry because the water supply tubing is the perfect environment for growing bacteria. What is your office doing to prevent contamination?
6 Critical Steps for Cleaning and Protecting Your Dental Instruments
12/2/2019 Hu Friedy
Instruments must be properly taken care of if they are to function as they were intended. A safe and efficient cleaning process will protect the investment you’ve made in high-quality dental instruments
12/2/2019 Gunz Dental
The combination of three important characteristics and the different design options creates a difficult decision for the oral healthcare professional when choosing the right mask.
12/2/2019 NSK Oceania
The NSK Ti-Max Z Series Handpieces are the best you can get. Premium Titanium Handpiece Bodies with unrivalled durability and support. Lighter, More Powerful and with double the warranty, why would you choose anything else?
Critical Dental FREIGHT FREE online orders - December promotion
11/27/2019 Critical Dental
Great dental supplies, incredible prices, one easy online shopping experience. Critical Dental is the ultimate source of dental supplies for all of your clinical needs. We’re one of the top dental supply companies Australia has to offer.
NSK Autoclave iClave plus EOY SPECIAL
11/26/2019 NSK Oceania
HURRY limited quantity! NSK Autoclave iClave plus EOY SPECIAL. More safety, more capacity. Even the best handpiece means nothing if you cannot use and decontaminate it safely.
The world-class M series is the next leap forward.
11/25/2019 NSK Oceania
The S-Max M series is the next phase of evolution of our globally acclaimed handpieces. The embodiment of NSK’s expertise in handpieces, they deliver reliability and safety demanded by practitioners and ever-changing standards of the dental industry.
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Caffeine Increase Cytokine Levels in Saliva
11/8/2019 Dentistry Today
The immune system releases cytokines to regulate inflammation during infections.
11/8/2019 Gunz Dental
Many people, in fact, an average of 12% of patients (1 in 8 adults) suffer from tooth sensitivity.
Beyond the operatory: Implementing officewide infection prevention
11/8/2019 Sarah C. Bell-West, PhD
How do you select surface disinfectants to help safeguard patients, staff, and the environment? Infection control specialist Sarah Bell-West helps dental teams make sure they're doing all they can regarding their disinfecting practices.
New Dental Product: Owandy-CR2 Intraoral Imaging Plate Scanner from Owandy Radiology
11/8/2019 Dental Compare
Owandy Radiology recently introduced the Owandy-CR2 intraoral imaging plate scanner and will showcase it at the upcoming Greater New York Dental Meeting.
Bioactive Nanosystem Promotes Regeneration After Root Canals
11/7/2019 Dentistry Today
A nanosystem developed by University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry professor Anil Kishen, BDS, MDS, PhD, shows promising results in promoting healing and regeneration by host tissues following root canals, according to the school.
11/1/2019 Jim Di Marino, DMD, MSEd
The astonishing rise of vaping and e-cigarette use among our youth, particularly in middle and high school students, presents a new dilemma for dentists.
Do dental hygienists do lips?
11/1/2019 Becky Andres, RDH
As dentistry changes, the lips are getting more attention from dental professionals. Becky Andres, RDH, takes a closer look at lip function and anatomy, common lip problems, and lip care strategies dental hygienists can recommend to patients.
Search Marketing for Dentists
10/31/2019 Heather Frechette-Crowley
SEO, PPC, CTR, CPC, SERP, RUSERIOUS? Online marketing for dental practices can be more confusing than ordering a drink at Starbucks.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Coworker driving hygienist crazy with her constant gabbing
10/31/2019 Team Troubleshooter
This dental hygienist has tried many tactics to let her coworker know she doesn't want to listen to her small talk, but she is not picking up on the signals. What can she do?
Diagnosis for BC oral pathology case No. 43: The pathology with multiple manifestations
10/18/2019 Stacey L. Gividen, DDS
Dr. Stacey Gividen explains the relationship between lesions on a patient’s oral mucosa and the skin on the patient's arms. The etiology of the lesions is thought to be caused by genetics and/or autoimmune disorders.
Bicycle Helmets Reduce Facial Injuries
10/10/2019 Dentistry Today
Bicyclists who wear helmets are less likely to experience facial injury in a bicycle crash, according to researchers at the University of Washington School of Dentistry.
Goldman School Acquires Robotic Devices for Dental Implant Surgeries
10/10/2019 Dentistry Today
The Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM) is the first dental school in the United States to acquire, install, and use two surgical robotic devices for dental implant surgeries.
GreenMark Gets NIDCR Grant to Develop Caries Detection Technology
10/10/2019 Dentistry Today
The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) has awarded GreenMark Biomedical a $1.5 million Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to further develop its patented nanoparticle-based dental technology
Pre-Dental Visit Antibiotics May Have Serious Side Effects
10/10/2019 Dentistry Today
Antibiotics often are prescribed for a day or two before dental visits to prevent infections in certain people such as those who have had hip or knee replacements.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Dentist insists hygienist administer anesthetic illegally
10/10/2019 Team Troubleshooter
This dental hygienist is extremely uncomfortable that the dentist insists she administers anesthetic when he isn't in the office.
Dental Sterilization Errors Take Third on List of Top 10 Health Technology Hazards
10/9/2019 Dentistry Today
The ECRI Institute has identified the top 10 health technology hazards for 2020. Surgical stapler misuse is the number one danger
Do you know why your dental patients are sailing away?
10/9/2019 Laura Hatch, BS, MS, FAADOM
There's a reason your patients are bailing on you. And there's a good chance you can't figure out why they're leaving. Here's what patients have to say.
Delta Dental of Massachusetts Patient Letter Upsets Dental Community
10/8/2019 Michael W. Davis, DDS
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Insurance recently approved a fee schedule decrease of approximately 8.8% for Delta Dental Premier Providers.
New Dental Product: Take 1 Hydro VPS Impression Material from KaVo Kerr
10/8/2019 Dental Compare
KaVo Kerr recently introduced Take 1 Hydro VPS impression material.
New Dental Product: Bluewave Soft Tissue Diode Laser from Clinician’s Choice
10/7/2019 Dental Compare
Clinician’s Choice recently introduced the Bluewave Soft Tissue Diode Laser.
Dental Hygienists Have an Optimistic Future
10/4/2019 Matt Crespin, MPH, RDH
Many of the factual points Dr. Michael Davis made in his August 19 article, “Dental Hygienists Face Temp Employment Difficulties,” are well taken.
Protecting against the perils of dental patient data breaches
10/4/2019 Isaac Kohen
This pattern of data breaches is very concerning for dental practices, which are charged with protecting people’s most sensitive information. What can practices do to protect themselves against this growing problem?
Enhanced Dental Product: Grandio disc CAD/CAM Discs from VOCO
10/3/2019 Dental Compare
The Grandio disc line of CAD/CAM discs from VOCO are now available in three new shades: B1, C2 and Bleach (BL).
10/3/2019 Dental Compare
The DEXIS™ Titanium sensor captures consistent, high-quality images with improved tissue contrast across a broader spectrum of radiation levels, especially at low doses
HR Questions for Dentists: Advertising via car stickers; Paying for meetings
10/3/2019 Rebecca Boartfield and Tim Twigg
There are lots of moving parts when it comes to running a dental office, and dentists have many questions. These HR experts address a variety of topics to help dentists run their offices smoothly and legally.
Will 3-D printed dentures save our profit margins?
10/3/2019 Chris Salierno, DDS
Dr. Salierno has been closely following the evolution of 3-D printing in dentistry and is happy to report that, while still years away from printing ceramic restorations, dentists can currently improve workflows and margins with dentures.
New Dental Product: HD Black Line Mirrors from Hu-Friedy
10/2/2019 Dental Compare
Hu-Friedy recently introduced HD Black Line Mirrors, building on the success of the company’s HD Mirrors, Black Line and XTS product lines.
EyeZoom™ from Orascoptic Receives Best of Class Technology Award for Third Year in a Row
10/1/2019 Dental Compare
EyeZoom™ from Orascoptic was recently recognized as a Cellerant Best in Class Technology Award winner, marking the third time the loupes have earned this honor.
Trends in All-Ceramic Material Options
10/1/2019 Dr. Kenneth A. Malament
Kenneth A. Malament, DDS, MScD, discusses his professional expertise and candid perspectives related to all-ceramic dental material options.
Modern Cavity Preparations
10/1/2019 Dr. David Clark
Around 1896, Dr. G.V. Black published a standardized set of cavity preparations for amalgam.
10/1/2019 Paul Feuerstein, DMD
The bottom line is, if you are considering a 3-D printer, know what you can actually make efficiently in your office and how much you will actually use it.
10/1/2019 Michael Tischler, DDS
This month in the Implants Today section, we are focused on dental implant-adjacent soft-tissue considerations.
The Impacts of Referral Leakage in Dentistry
9/27/2019 Alisha Sabnis
There are currently millions of referrals sent and received between dental and health care providers across the United States.
New Dental Product: CS ScanFlow Software from Carestream Dental
9/26/2019 Dental Compare
Carestream Dental recently released CS ScanFlow software for its intraoral scanner product line.
Apteryx Imaging and 4th-IR Partner to Develop AI Solutions for Digital Imaging
9/24/2019 Dental Compare
Apteryx Imaging and 4th-IR recently formed a partnership to create a suite of cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for dental digital imaging.
Your best investment or your worst? Tools for onboarding new employees in the dental practice
9/23/2019 Amber Auger, MPH, RDH
A consultant and dental hygienist shares what she has learned about successful onboarding in the dental practice from her work with numerous doctors and teams. She also recommends tools practice owners can use to better understand their employees.
Understanding profit in the dental practice
9/23/2019 Chris Salierno, DDS
To run a business successfully, it's important to understand the financial aspects. Here's a quick guide to understanding your profits.
Teeth, BMWs, and used Ford Fiestas
9/20/2019 Stacey L. Gividen, DDS
A patient presents with a mouthful of full-mouth reconstruction waiting to be done. He wants the BMW but can only afford the used Ford Fiesta. Does everyone want the BMW? Yes. Does everyone get the BMW? No. Dr. Stacey Gividen talks cars and teeth.
Simple strategies for improving your online reputation
9/20/2019 Kyle Roderick Hornby, DDS, BSc
It's important for dentists to monitor their online reputations (reviews) regularly so that people looking for a new dentist will find generally positive reviews. This dentist shares how he does this.
How to finance a dental practice
9/20/2019 Jared Hecht
Dentists need to have a solid direction when it comes to financing their dental practice, whether it's for a new office or updating the existing one.
BC oral pathology case No. 43: The pathology with multiple manifestations
9/20/2019 Stacey L. Gividen, DDS
In Dr. Stacey Gividen’s oral pathology case, a patient presents with painful/burning lesions in her mouth and numerous “bumps” on her body and arms. She wonders if there could be any relationship between the two.
How good communication leads to our best clinical work in dentistry
9/20/2019 Joseph Rosenwald, DDS
Effective communication lies within the art of dentistry. It builds trust with patients so dentists can do their best clinical work. Dr. Joseph Rosenwald outlines the process he used to effectively diagnose and treat his patient.
Zimmer Biomet and Align Technology Announce Multinational Distribution Agreement
9/19/2019 Dental Compare
Zimmer Biomet will now distribute Align Technology’s iTero Element intraoral scanners through a recently announced multinational distribution agreement.
Podcast: Vaping and what dental assistants need to know
9/19/2019 Kevin Henry
Vaping is one of the most discussed topics of 2019. In this new podcast, Kevin Henry talks with Tom Viola, RPh, CCP, about what dental assistants can do to help tackle the problem.
Handling medical emergencies in dental practices
9/18/2019 Claire Jeong, MS, RDH
Chances are good that dental assistants will encounter a few medical emergencies in the practice during their careers. Here is a guide to what should be done in such situations.
Exploring choices in the dental assisting profession: Dental treatment coordinator (Part 4 of 4)
9/18/2019 Natalie Kaweckyj, BA, LDA
There are many different career options for dental assistants who are looking to transition out of the day-to-day chairside position.
5 truths about being a dental assistant
9/18/2019 Ava Jacobs
It's important for dental assistants to realize how valuable they are to their practices. Here are five truths that no assistant should ever forget!
Wine, African Kisii power hearts, and the dental assistant
9/18/2019 Kevin Henry
It's important for dental assistants to remember how important they are to their practices. Kevin Henry is offering a little "powerful" souvenir to remind them of their importance.
New Dental Product: CS 3700 Intraoral Scanner from Carestream Dental
9/16/2019 Dental Compare
Carestream Dental recently launched the CS 3700 intraoral scanner.
Here’s how dental staff conflict is costing you patients
9/16/2019 Sally McKenzie
Are your team members driving away patients due to their disagreements? Ideally the dentist-boss needs to prevent conflict in the first place, but when it does occur, it needs to be taken care of.
LED Medical Diagnostics Changes Name to Apteryx Imaging
9/13/2019 Dental Compare
LED Medical Diagnostics recently changed its name to Apteryx Imaging
To ensure dental patient understanding, say it. Then say it again, and again.
9/13/2019 Bea Camacho
This dental practice administrator's team knows patient communication is extremely important. To get patients to retain what they're told, the team repeats things at least three times.
New Dental Product: Atlas Forceps Collection from Hu-Friedy
9/12/2019 Dental Compare
Hu-Friedy recently launched the Atlas Forceps Collection.
Grant to Fund Development of Longer-Lasting Restorative Materials
9/11/2019 Dentistry Today
Researchers at the University of Toronto have received a five-year Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) grant worth $939,040 to develop new restorative materials for dental caries.
Downloadable dental form: List of dental assistant responsibilities
9/11/2019 Kyle Summerford
Dental assistants take care of many things around the office to help the days run smoothly. Here's a list to help keep track of those many responsibilities.
OTC Medication Tops Alternatives for Pain Relief After Wisdom Tooth Removal
9/10/2019 Dentistry Today
Over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication Aleve (naproxen sodium) provides more pain relief from hour three onward than acetaminophen plus codeine after wisdom tooth removal
5 ways to grow your dental practice by texting patients
9/10/2019 Kenneth Burke
Texting your patients will not only increase your new patients and keep them coming back, but this leads to a better bottom line. Certain types of texting are HIPAA compliant and easy for everyone.
Electric handpieces: Protecting your investment (part 2)
9/9/2019 Glenn Williams
A handpiece repair technician explains the proper way to maintain an electric handpiece to protect your investment and your patients.
How to critique a team member
9/9/2019 Chris Salierno, DDS
Critiquing your team members is not easy. But as the team leader, these conversations will be necessary. Remember to use positive feedback as well, which leads to better learning.
How are dental fee increases affecting your practice? (Video)
9/6/2019 DentistryIQ Editors
In the latest DE's Recall Visit video, Drs. Chris Salierno and Greg Winteregg discuss fee increases, accepting fewer low-fee plans, and still making a profit.
Turn more callers into new dental patients with call analytics
9/6/2019 Alain Stephan, SVP
Most patients contact your dental office by phone before making appointments. In order to make the most of those calls, there are ways to gather statistics so you know where to spend your marketing dollars.
Six Common Mistakes Dental Managers Make
9/6/2019 Heather Colicchio
As dental practice managers, we often have internal fears of making huge mistakes related to things like insurance fraud
An unexpected thank-you
9/5/2019 Anne Nugent Guignon, MPH, RDH, CSP
Priya's personal journey took her from India to Florida, where she discovered a career in dental hygiene. Here's the story of how she found a dental practice home—and colleagues who valued her.
Thursday Troubleshooter: How to solve bickering between dental assistants and hygienists
9/5/2019 Team Troubleshooter
This dental hygienist is tired of jealous coworkers, derogatory comments, and staff bickering. What can she do to improve the situation?
8/27/2019 Dentistry Today
Dentists have a love hate relationship with Class II composites. Love them when your composites looks and perform like a tooth.
5 tips for choosing a dental distribution partner
8/26/2019 Matthew Newman
The relationship with their distribution partner is one of the most important ones that dentists will develop in their careers.
Demo: Using a chameleon resin composite in a class I restoration (VIDEO)
8/26/2019 Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD
Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD, doesn't layer his direct restorations with different opacities of resin composite.
Growing dental practices with a virtual CFO
8/23/2019 Caroline Montgomery
Just what is a virtual CFO, and will it help your dental practice? Many practices have tried working with this virtual member of the team, and their bottom lines are healthier.
Myth busters: Dental assistants and their role in the opioid crisis
8/23/2019 Tija Hunter, CDA, EFDA
It's becoming well known among dental professionals that they are contributing to the opioid crisis. How can dental assistants play a role in changing patient dependence on these painkillers?
How do you handle the tough days in your dental practice?
8/22/2019 Kevin Henry
Do you handle the tough days with grit, or do you crumble under pressure? How you handle those less-than-ideal days may determine the success of your career.
3 things to always do during your case presentations
8/22/2019 Roger P. Levin, DDS
If you haven't taken the time to develop your case presentation skills, and you actually dread making those presentations, there are ways to improve the situation.
Dental hygiene is more than just scaling
8/21/2019 Alyssa Delgado, MSDH, RDH
Are we really only as good as the last piece of calculus we removed?
Social media spotlight: Whitney DiFoggio, RDH, of Teeth Talk Girl
8/21/2019 Amber Auger, MPH, RDH
An interview with one of dental hygiene's most lovable YouTube stars
Massage therapy: A necessity in the hygienist’s self-care regimen
8/21/2019 Katie Santos, MA, RDH
The one thing they “forgot” to mention to you in dental hygiene school, probably because you would have run for the exit, is that this profession is brutal on your body.
All things aloe
8/21/2019 Mandy Macachor, RDH
Should we recommend aloe-based products to our dental hygiene patients?
5 things that I learned when I transitioned out of the operatory
8/21/2019 Julie Whiteley, BS, RDH
Migrating toward full-time work outside of the op took time, work, a willingness to try (and sometimes fail), and a lot of patience.
Are dentists prescribing too many unnecessary antibiotics?
8/19/2019 Thomas A. Viola, RPh, CCP
In-depth study shows 80% of patients were prescribed “unnecessary” antibiotics according to evidence-based guidelines for antibiotic prophylaxis. Thomas Viola takes a closer look.
Diamonds may last forever, but those fillings won’t
8/16/2019 Stacey L. Gividen, DDS
The dental work failed due to “provider error and poor placement of the original filling”—not because her daughter bit into an apple with compromised teeth. Oh, Houston...!
How to confidently address tooth-wear issues: A systematic approach to achieve function & esthetics
8/16/2019 Stephen Hoard, DDS
A patient with extreme wear issues does not want dentures. Dr. Stephen Hoard outlines a way to treat such cases that results in beautiful, highly functional, lasting solutions.
We didn’t have TIME: A really interesting story I hope you never become part of
8/7/2019 PracticeLink
I truly hope this will never be your story.
Cantel Medical Acquires Hu-Friedy for $725 Million
8/5/2019 Dentistry Today
Cantel Medical Corp will acquire Hu-Friedy Mfg Co for $725 million in upfront cash and stock
The Three Most Important Factors of Anesthesia and Patient Safety
8/5/2019 Colin Bell, DDS, MSD
Throughout recorded history, people have looked for innovative solutions for relieving tooth pain.
Practice Management Software Builds Referral Networks for Periodontists
8/5/2019 Dentistry Today
The OurPerioTeam cloud-based software platform from SkyDent Technologies is specifically designed to help periodontists expand their referral network
Parents Say Their Children’s Oral Health Could Be Better
8/2/2019 Dentistry Today
Only 21% of parents in the United States say that their children have excellent oral health, according to the Dental Dental Plans Association Children’s Oral Health Survey.
Program Introduces Children With Autism to the Dental Office
8/2/2019 Dentistry Today
Dental visits can be a challenge for children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who have sensory and spatial issues as well as communication difficulties.
Use Local Business Listings Online to Your Advantage
8/2/2019 Jackie Ulasewich Cullen
What’s the first thing people do when they want information about a store, restaurant, or other local service?
8/1/2019 Michael Tischler, DDS
This month in Implants Today, we focus on complications related to dental implant treatment. Whenever a complex task is being performed, complications are often inevitable.
Comic Book Takes Tween on an Oral Hygiene Adventure
8/1/2019 Dentistry Today
Children often have poor oral hygiene habits, and they also don’t like going to the dentist.
Ivoclar and 3Shape Collaborate on Treatment Visualization
8/1/2019 Dentistry Today
Ivoclar Vivadent’s IvoSmile software application will be integrated into orthodontic and restorative applications from 3Shape to realize aesthetic dental treatment visualization, according to the companies.
You Must Believe Me
8/1/2019 Paul Feuerstein, DMD
With all the discussions on advanced dental treatment with new technology, there is an underlying issue that affects many of us.
Treating Peri-implantitis
8/1/2019 Dr. Edward R. Kusek
Treatment for peri-implantitis using traditional methods has been marginal at best.
Treating the Congenitally Deficient Smile
8/1/2019 Dr. Barry F. McArdle
Congenitally missing teeth are quite common in the adult population, being found on average in about 6.5% of individuals and with little to no change in those statistics over the past century.
CBCT Guided Surgery: Accurate, Predictable, and Economical
8/1/2019 Dr. Charles D. Schlesinger
As technology advances, patient treatments advance too. The advent and continual development of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machines and guided surgery continue to provide clinicians with incredible tools to optimize patient care.
Correction of extremely dark anterior teeth
8/1/2019 Dr. Wynn H. Okuda
Anterior tooth discoloration continues to be an aesthetic concern and a major source of embarrassment for patients.
Apical Lesions: Diagnostic Considerations
8/1/2019 Dr. David A. Beach
“My dentist saw a dark spot on the x-ray.” This statement is commonly heard from patients in endodontic offices on a routine basis.
8/1/2019 Drs. Kayvon Javid and Gregori M. Kurtzman
Intraoral viral lesions are a common occurrence in the dental practice and may be of herpes simplex virus (HSV) or human papillomavirus (HPV) origin.
086 Running a Specialized Practice and Using Social Media with Dr. David Wong
7/31/2019 Apple Podcast
Sully, Peyray, and Dr. Rick Sullivan are joined today by Dr. David Wong. Dr. Wong is a periodontist from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
How Does the Gunz Dental Teeth Whitening Range Help You to Build Your Practice?
7/31/2019 GunzDental
Gunz Dental has been leading the way in Take Home and In-Office Tooth Whitening solutions for dental professionals for over 25 years.
Tips for appointments with edentulous patients
7/31/2019 Katie Melko, MSDH, RDH
The five things you should be looking for, plus other tips from a public health hygienist
'Floss every day? Really?' Part 2: Breaking the barriers
7/31/2019 Tiffany Ludwicki, RDH, RHC
Now that you understand the barriers, here's how you break them.
How often do you do maintenance on your dental chair? What can go wrong?
7/30/2019 Guild Insurance
Guild Insurance is noticing a claims trend in the area of faulty or damaged dental chairs, often due to chairs not being maintained as they should. These claims are often very costly due to the sometimes extensive damage to more than just the chair.
Dental Practices Face Grave Cybersecurity Threats
7/29/2019 Alex Zlatin, MBA
Highly skilled people obtain access to valuable information. Then, they either sell it to the highest bidder or ask you to pay to regain access to it.
7/29/2019 Dentistry Today
Standardize clinical procedures with a universal adhesive. BISCO’s ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL is the ultimate universal bonding agent with exceptional strength, long-term stability and versatility.
BDA Calls for Campaign Against HPV Anti-Vaxxers
7/26/2019 Dentistry Today
In September, Public Health England (PHE) will begin providing vaccines against the human papillomavirus (HPV) for boys age 12 and 13.
Pediatric Dentists to Grow by 60% in the Next Decade
7/26/2019 Dentistry Today
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) expects the number of pediatric dentists in the United States to increase by more than 60% within the next decade.
University of Mississippi Opens Cutting-Edge Dental Clinic
7/25/2019 Dentistry Today
The School of Dentistry at the University of Mississippi Medical Center joins three other schools in the nation by opening a technology center featuring cutting-edge dental equipment for student training funded by a national organization.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Should dental hygienist take pay cut to move to office manager?
7/25/2019 Dentistry IQ
This dental hygienist has been offered a new position, but it comes with a price. After 23 years with the practice, she feels she's more valuable.
Featured Products: Impulsedent Australia July 2019 Newsletter
7/25/2019 Impulsedent Australia
CM Academy courses and new products Pekkton® ivory Exclusive high-performance polymer by Cendres+Métaux, CM LOC® anchor system, Dalbo® System, Livento® press and Soprano® 10.
Two Advanced Technical Denture Courses
7/25/2019 Impulsedent Australia
Impulsedent Australia and Candulor AG Pius Obwegeser, Master Dental Technician MDT from Switzerland will host the Advanced Technical Denture Courses in Australia in 2019
21% of Dental Conference Attendees Experience Sexual Harassment
7/25/2019 Dentistry Today
While dental meetings present opportunities for education and networking, they also can be hostile environments, according to researchers at Boston University who studied the sexual harassment that occurs at these conferences.
Practice Readiness Part 2
7/24/2019 PracticeLink
If you want to succeed in selling your practice, Practice Readiness – being thoroughly prepared – is absolutely essential.
The Clinical Hacks on Dentures (CHP08)
7/24/2019 Stitcher
The Clinical Hacks had to reach out for help talking about dentures.
Why I quit my high paying clinical job and why my boss thanked me for it
7/24/2019 Amber Auger, MPH, RDH
I left full-time dental hygiene three years ago to pursue a career in speaking and consulting.
Skin cancer as a dental hygienist
7/24/2019 Susan Cotten, BSDH, RDH, OMT
As dental hygienists, we can use our own medical experiences to help others. Here's what I learned from a childhood in the sun and a trip to a dermatologist in my mid-thirties.
5 things I love about you, dental hygiene profession
7/24/2019 Julie Whiteley, BS, RDH
Why this RDH chooses to continue to find joy in her career, despite its challenges
Home care products for pediatric dental care
7/24/2019 Katie Melko, RDH
Katie Melko, RDH, has these tips for fluoride additives, flossing with braces, and toothpastes for kids.
You can’t touch this! Proper dental instrument sterilization
7/24/2019 Olivia Wann, JD, RDA
Instrument sterilization is an important part of many dental assistants' job descriptions. Here's how to make sure it's being done correctly and efficiently.
Pekkton® ivory Exclusive high-performance polymer by Cendres+Métaux
7/24/2019 Impulsedent Australia
The high-performance polymer Pekkton® ivory is a solution for a permanent aesthetic restoration on implants. Resembling human bone, Pekkton® ivory convinces with simple biomechanical integration in the mouth.
Supragingival Dentistry: A Practical Paradigm Shift
7/24/2019 Amir N. Esfandiari, DDS
The demand for more aesthetic restorations has pushed the dental manufacturers to successive rapid advances in technology. As dentists, we are constantly seeking more conservative, simple, and practical techniques to restore teeth.
Prosthodontics Case Study: She had trained herself not to smile
7/24/2019 Dr. Stacey L. Gividen
Breakthrough Clinical’s Editorial Director Dr. Stacey L. Gividen discusses a “routine” denture case that, after six try-ins, resulted in three thought-provoking takeaways for her future cases.
Program Recruits Native American Students Into Dentistry
7/23/2019 Dentistry Today
Though 10,500 students applied to attend dental schools in the United States this fall, only 16 of them are Native American, according to the American Dental Education Association.
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
7/22/2019 Dental Town
How to perform dentistry faster, easier, higher in quality and lower in cost.
Vaping and oral health: Bringing the facts to patients
7/22/2019 Katie Leiva, RDH
More research is demonstrating its harmful effects on the oral cavity.
12 years in temps ... placed on implants
7/19/2019 Stacey L. Gividen, DDS
Find out what happens when a patient presents to Dr. Stacey Gividen with broken provisionals that were placed on implants ... placed 12 years ago. Yes, you read that right!
University of Florida Collaborates With Startup on Lesion Detection Technology
7/19/2019 Dentistry Today
The University of Florida College of Dentistry (UFCD) and HT BioImaging Technologies are testing a new method for detecting premalignant and malignant oral lesions using an infrared device.
Composites Resist Bacteria and Prevent Recurrent Caries
7/18/2019 Dentistry Today
Researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) have developed resin-based composites that, when combined with antibacterial nanoassemblies, hinder bacterial growth and viability on dental restorations to prevent recurrent caries.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Dental assistant struggling to support dentist’s subpar work
7/18/2019 Team Troubleshooter
This dental assistant doesn't know whether or not to look for a new position, but the doctor's poor dentistry is making her very uncomfortable. What should she do?
Ethics and what they mean to dental assistants
7/18/2019 Kevin Henry
Has there been a decline in ethical values in the dental profession? How can dental assistants change this perception? By always being ethical and a good example in the practice.
Top dental marketing trends dentists need to know about
7/18/2019 Shawn Byrne
There are a few marketing steps that every dental practice should be taking by now. Are you on board, and are you handling these marketing steps effectively?
How are reduced-fee plans affecting your profit margin?
7/17/2019 Dentistry IQ
Should you take dental insurance? How much of a hit to your profit will you take? In this video, Drs. Greg Winteregg and Chris Salierno will shed some light on what really happens when you sign on for a reduced-fee plan.
Customizing home-care aids: One size does not fit all
7/17/2019 Jamie Collins, RDH
Brushing and flossing alone are no longer considered the gold standard in home care. Jamie Collins, RDH, gives her favorite go-to aids to help patients improve and maintain their oral and systemic health.
Augmented Reality Lets Clinicians “See” Their Patients’ Pain
7/17/2019 Dentistry Today
Many patients, especially those who are anesthetized or emotionally challenged, cannot communicate precisely about their pain.
10 questions to test your understanding of infection control requirements
7/16/2019 Robert Elsenpeter
The most dreaded words any student can hear are “pop quiz.”
Dentsply Sirona Sends Dentists and Gear Into the Amazon
7/16/2019 Dentistry Today
As Mato Grosso in the Amazon region of Brazil hosted the traditional Xingu Games in May, attracting 600 athletes and more than 3,000 visitors from 15 indigenous villages, seven dentists from Doctors Without Borders
Capsazepine Analogs Prove Effective Against Oral Cancer
7/15/2019 Dentistry Today
Researchers at UT Health San Antonio have identified a potent new class of anti-cancer drugs that target oral cancer cells while leaving other cells unharmed.
Love Thy Patients - Your patient database is one of the most important assets you own!
7/15/2019 Jan Gay -
How you approach patient management can make all the difference to your business. Think you know all about patient management and nurturing? Have a read. I guarantee you will be surprised.
Looking for a Home Loan? Consider using a Mortgage Broker. Here's why.
7/15/2019 MediPro
One of the biggest benefits of mortgage brokers that many may not realize is that most mortgage brokers offer a fee free service. So basically, they do all the running around for you, and you don’t have to pay them a cent.
A Short Case Study: Separated Instruments? Perforation? Relax!
7/12/2019 Rico D. Short, DMD
A dentist referred a patient to me after the patient had seen the dentist, a periodontist, and two other dentists.
Getting a (Therapy) Dog in the Fight Against Dental Phobia
7/12/2019 Dr. Anita Marra
After experiencing the worst of the worst in childhood dental trauma -- everything from not being given local anesthetic to having teeth drilled with ancient, belt-driven equipment
5 reasons new patients aren’t finding your dental practice online
7/12/2019 Jared Jost
Do you believe your dental practice can be found easily online by potential patients? Think again.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Dental assistants should not be performing some functions
7/11/2019 Team Troubleshooter
This registered dental assistant has expressed her concerns that the other dental assistants perform duties they're not trained to do. The doctor ignores her. She doesn't want the practice to be liable. What should she do?
The Top 100 Dental Products of 2019
7/11/2019 Dentistry Today
Dentistry Today’s 32nd Annual Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products are selected based on lead generation. All of these products have appeared in Dentistry Today at some point in the past year.
A Short Case Study: Files and Sealer Provide a One-Two Punch
7/10/2019 Rico D. Short, DMD
I hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer. As an independent product opinion leader and clinician, I wanted to share this cool root canal case with you.
Komet's Deep Purple Diamonds Designed for Fast, Effective Substance Removal
7/10/2019 Dentistry Today
Delivering high-performance, controlled efficiency to facilitate crown-preparation procedures, Komet’s Deep Purple diamonds are specially designed for fast, effective substance removal, according to the company.
Professional socialization: What it is and why you need it
7/9/2019 Christine Nathe, MS, RDH
In order to take dental hygiene practice one step forward, it is up to hygienists to learn from each other.
Implant System Designed for High Initial Stability
7/9/2019 Dentistry Today
OCO Biomedical’s Engage Dental Implant System, with its patented Bull Nose Auger Tip, Mini Cortic-O Thread design, and high-performance surface treatment, was designed for high initial stability and optimal bone integration.
How to Cut Patient Attrition by 50%
7/9/2019 Roger Levin, DDS
A general practice producing $948,000 contacted Levin Group after it recognized that it was losing far more patients than it should based on a recent article by yours truly.
Appliance Fights Apnea and Acidosis by Improving Oxygen Flow
7/8/2019 Bryan Keropian, DDS
Sleep apnea results in oxygen deficiencies, leading to greater acidic content in the body.
Smile Direct Club has been accused of misleading advertising
7/8/2019 Chris Salierno, DDS
Truth in Advertising Inc. is keeping an eye on Smile Direct Club's advertising about their clear aligners. Find out what TINA's investigations have uncovered.
Remarketing Your Dental Practice on Facebook
7/4/2019 Jackie Ulasewich
You’ve made an investment in your website and marketing and it’s attracting new visitors each month.
Oral Microbiome Communities Follow a Pattern Through Childhood
7/2/2019 Dentistry Today
Researchers at the Ohio State University College of Dentistry found consistent patterns by using high-throughput 16S rRNA gene sequencing to examine the oral microbiome of 252 children
Recent Advances in Implant Design and Drilling Prot
7/1/2019 Drs. Steve Williams, Michael Ammons, Calvin Besson
In all the years since 1963, when Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark invented the first titanium dental implant, much has changed in the implant world.
7/1/2019 Michael Tischler, DDS
This month in Implants Today, we have 2 unique articles written from 2 different perspectives. The first is a retrospective article
Can we combat inflammation with food?
7/1/2019 Kelli Swanson Jaecks, MA, RDH
We're used to counseling our patients about nutrition—why not incorporate new information about how certain foods encourage or discourage systemic inflammation?
Protein Flaw Leads to Amelogenesis Imperfecta
6/26/2019 Dentistry Today
Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have shown how a tiny flaw in a protein results in damaged enamel that is prone to decay.
Focusing on our vision
6/26/2019 Jenefer Goffron-Mercieri, RDH
As dental hygienists, here's how we can take care of our eyes—both inside and outside the office
Protocol Addresses Jaw Deformities Caused by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
6/25/2019 Dentistry Today
A proposed protocol emphasizes collaboration between healthcare disciplines to treat patients with jaw deformities caused by juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), a serious form of arthritis affecting the jaw joints of children.
Review Highlights Strategies for Reducing Sugary Beverage Consumption
6/25/2019 Dentistry Today
Sugary drinks can cause tooth decay as well as systemic health issues like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease
085 How One Passionate Teacher Changed Frank Spear’s Life and the Profession of Dentistry
6/25/2019 Millennial Dentist
We are so excited to have the one and only amazing Dr. Frank Spear on the show today.
Zirconia Oxide Block Features Natural Shade and Translucency Progression
6/25/2019 Dentistry Today
Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max ZirCAD MT Multi block features a gradual progression of shade and translucency from dentin to incisal.
How dental professionals can help patients with xerostomia
6/24/2019 Jennifer Pettit, CRDH
Xerostomia affects up to 65% of our patients, but many don't mention their dry mouth because they accept it as a part of life. Learn how you can help.
Here are some resources to get you serious about marketing your dental practice
6/24/2019 Chris Salierno, DDS
Marketing is important, and it's not easy for dental practices. But the 7 Ps of marketing can help guide you in the right direction.
File Simplifies Glide Path Establishment in Root Canal Treatment
6/24/2019 Dentistry Today
Kerr Endodontics’ Traverse rotary glide path file is designed to simplify the establishment of the glide path in root canal treatment.
Cellerant announces the 2019 Best of Class Technology Award winners
6/24/2019 DentistryIQ Editors
“We are entering a new era in dentistry—one that will change how we diagnose, treat, and manage our patients and practices,"
5 ways to text your dental patients
6/22/2019 Alamin Uddin
Dental patients appreciate that their dentist reaches out to them in an easy way they know and like. Texting is a popular and effective way to reach patients.
6/21/2019 Dentist, Implants and Worms
Justin recently had a chance to visit with “The Lab Guys” Danny Vasquez, Jeff Heffington and Eric Smyrniotis in Studio 1-A in Scottsdale, Arizona. Enjoy the new episode, filled with actual content! Cheers!
Creating dental partnerships that work
6/21/2019 Roger P. Levin, DDS
Since dental partnerships are different than many other business partnerships, it's important to know how to make it work well. It's up to the partners to create an environment of success.
Kits Produce Removable Dentures and Models
6/21/2019 Dentistry Today
Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE Time Reduction Kits (TRKs) produce molded gypsum or acrylic-based material discs for accurately milling partial or full denture bases as well as models with the company’s DWX dry dental mills.
Digital or analog: The concept of complete dentistry is the same
6/21/2019 Ryan Springer, DDS
OVER THE LAST 10 YEARS, I have gained a lot of experience in digital dentistry by using many of the popular intraoral scanners, mills, and 3-D printers.
Not on my watch!
6/21/2019 Stacey L. Gividen, DDS
A new patient presents with generalized Class II periodontal disease and multiple restorative needs. And she’s in orthodontics treatment using clear aligners.
Diagnosis for BC oral pathology case No. 41: The lesion that never changed
6/21/2019 Stacey L. Gividen, DDS
Dr. Stacey Gividen explains how she diagnosed an s-/oval-shaped lesion that revealed no signs of change in shape, size, or location over a six-year period.
Dental Professionals Can Help Identify and Save Child Sex Trafficking Victims
6/21/2019 Renee Dixon
Child sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world, according to a two-year study by the University of Texas School of Social Work.
Efficient Workflow for Guided Implant Surgery
6/20/2019 Riley D. Clark, DMD
Synopsis: Dr. Riley Clark hosts this informative CE course and discusses the complete workflow for guided implant surgery.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Dental assistant discouraged with new manager, poor treatment
6/20/2019 Dentistry IQ
Since this dental assistant turned down a position, the new manager has not treated her well, to the point she's been refused her PTO. What can she do?
6/19/2019 Dr. Jason Luchtefeld
In this entertaining talk Dr. Jason Luchtefeld shares some of the problems with the lack of critical thinking skills in dentistry.
Are you suffering from the ‘disease of more’?
6/19/2019 Kevin Henry
DAD editor Kevin Henry wonders why people cannot simply enjoy the moment when it is happening. Why do they often have to wonder what's next, or, can there be more?
How creating a cooperative culture bettered our dental practice
6/19/2019 Dentistry IQ
A dental practice culture develops naturally, whether it's planned or not. It's important to make sure that the culture is properly developed through the effort of the entire team.
Exploring choices in the dental assisting profession: Administrative options (Part 2 of 4)
6/19/2019 Natalie Kaweckyj, BA, LDA
This series from 28-year dental assisting veteran Natalie Kaweckyj will help guide dental assistants on the many choices available to them within the dental assisting profession.
Injured or sick? What to consider before going to work
6/18/2019 Anne Nugent Guignon, MPH, RDH, CSP
Even a swollen finger or a small cut on your hand can impair your clinical skills—and leave you vulnerable to a difficult-to-treat infection.
Dental Assistants Make the Difference
6/18/2019 Kevin Henry - IgniteDA
Kevin Henry of IgniteDA talks about how dental assistants can make a powerful difference in the lives of their patients.
Social Media for Dentists
6/18/2019 Rita Zamora
Rita Zamora talks dental social media and her new book, a how-to guide for dental practices looking to improve their social media marketing skills.
Troubleshooter-Dr. Salierno assists hygienist with incompetent office
6/18/2019 Chris Salierno
Troubleshooter-Dr. Salierno assists hygienist with incompetent office. In this Troubleshooter, this RDH became a patient where she works and experienced poor care first hand. What does she do?
Thursday Troubleshooter: Should dental front office staff be allowed to wear sandals?
6/18/2019 Team Troubleshooter
Should the dental front office team be allowed to wear sandals or open-toed shoes?
Bad Dentists and the Professional Code of Silence
6/14/2019 Michael W. Davis, DDS
Every profession inclusive of law enforcement, medicine, education, and law has an unfortunate number of violators to the public trust. Dentistry is no exception.
RDH bothered by staff cleaning with bleach while patients are still in her
6/13/2019 Team Troubleshooter
This dental hygienist is having a hard time convincing the assistant not to clean with bleach while there are still patients in the chair. It's irritating to patients and to her.
3 keys to make change in your dental practice, without chaos
6/12/2019 David McCarthy, MA
Change is an important and necessary part of life. But sometimes change in your dental practice can lead to chaos. Here's how to make change more peacefully.
Undetected Diabetes Linked to Periodontitis and Heart Attacks
6/11/2019 Dentistry Today
People with undetected glucose disorders run a higher risk of both myocardial infarction and periodontitis, according to researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden
Latin America Tops the World in Sugary Beverage Consumption
6/11/2019 Dentistry Today
Excessive consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) can lead to tooth decay as well as systemic issues like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes
26% of People Say They Would Share Their Toothbrush
6/11/2019 Dentistry Today
Even though it could be bad for your health—and really gross, too—26% of British adults seem openly willing to share their toothbrush
How to make every day a good day in your dental office
6/11/2019 Aubrey Gralapp
It's up to the dental team whether they have a good or bad day when things go wrong. This dental office manager says it's all in the attitude, and she and her team keep their outlooks bright.
New-patient welcome letter
6/11/2019 Dentistry IQ
Every dental practice wants to help new patients feel welcome. This letter will explain who they can contact, and make them immediately feel a part of the practice.
Researchers Uncover Mechanism Behind Defense Against C Albicans
6/10/2019 Dentistry Today
Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) proteins present on human epithelial cells, which line mucosal surfaces, are central to initiating immune protection against Candida albicans, report researchers at King’s College London.
The role of dental endoscopes in laser periodontal therapy
6/10/2019 Nicole Fortune, MBA, RDH
Nicole Fortune, MBA, RDH, compares the results of laser periodontal therapy using the LANAP protocol as performed with and without debridement using an endoscope.
Use SMS to Mount a Mobile Testimonial Campaign for Your Dental Office
6/10/2019 Aaron Clifford
In a world where people are glued to their cell phones, it’s important for dental practices to leverage mobile engagement.
Beware the Charlatans Posing as Dental Consultants
6/8/2019 Michael W. Davis, DDS
Small-business dentistry is no longer the same industry it was even a decade ago.
Research to Explore Why Fillings Break Down
6/7/2019 Dentistry Today
Tooth-colored fillings usually require a replacement every five to seven years, according to the Oklahoma University (OU) College of Dentistry,
Researchers Developing App That Can Detect Oral Cancer
6/7/2019 Dentistry Today
Researchers at Kingston University are exploring how artificial intelligence could be trained to detect the early signs of oral cancer using a mobile phone app.
Most of your business plans are terrible
6/7/2019 Chris Salierno, DDS
Face it. Dentists have a tendency to simply hope that their businesses will run well even though they don't invest enough time and effort into business plans. How about actually making a plan?
Chewing Harder Foods Leads to Stronger Jawbone Formation
6/6/2019 Dentistry Today
Bone tissue is continuously restructured in response to changes in applied force, such as those associated with exercise and locomotion.
My journey to wellness
6/6/2019 Melissa Kjos-Peterson, RDH
Melissa Kjos-Peterson shares her journey from dental hygienist to wellness coach.
Dental hygienist tired of being misunderstood and micromanaged
6/6/2019 Team Troubleshooter
This dental hygienist thought she had found the perfect office. It didn't take long for things to unravel, and she was being disciplined. She feels she's misunderstood, and she wants to figure out how to improve things.
3 key action items to increase patient compliance
6/5/2019 Rachel Smith, RDH
These three beautifully simple strategies can be implemented with your very next patient.
Human Resources Questions for Dentists: How to properly discipline an employee’s performance
6/5/2019 Rebecca Boartfield and Tim Twigg
This dentist is not happy with an employee's job performance. He needs to discipline her, but he wants to make sure he follows proper protocol and correctly shares his message.
Become an #OriginalStraumann
6/4/2019 Straumann
To demonstrate the performance and reliability of Straumann’s dental implant system the company has launched a commercial, in which the CEO, Marco Gadola, is suspended upside down from just four Straumann dental implants.
The top 5 things you can learn from insurance claims
6/4/2019 Guild Insurance
There are common scenarios many dentists believe will never happen to them, but, claims tell a different story. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking these top 5 dental practice claims couldn’t happen to you or your practice.
Bone grafting after tooth removal: Why, when, and what to use
6/4/2019 Scott Froum, DDS
Dr. Scott Froum discusses tooth extraction prevalence in the US and offers a decision matrix to clarify when bone grafting is needed and the best type of material for site preservation.
New Dental Product: A-dec 500 Dental Chair and Delivery System
6/3/2019 Dental Compare
A-dec recently introduced the A-dec 500 dental chair and delivery system.
Childhood Trauma Linked With Later Tooth Loss
6/1/2019 Dentistry Today
Adverse events in childhood such as trauma, abuse, and even smoking may lead to a greater risk of tooth loss later in life, according to researchers at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research.
Show Me the Way
6/1/2019 Paul Feuerstein, DMD
Digital impressions took an interesting step. In addition to improving current products, companies are looking to expand the use of these devices beyond restorative processes.
Snowflakes Explain How Enamel Forms
5/31/2019 Dentistry Today
Physicists and mathematicians use the classical Stefan problem to explain the principles of crystal formation, such as snowflakes.
Unique White Blood Cells Indicate Onset of Inflammatory Diseases
5/31/2019 Dentistry Today
Researchers at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry have discovered something about neutrophils
Marketing Has Changed, and You Need to Change Too
5/31/2019 Jackie Ulasewich
We’ve seen a lot of changes in marketing over the years, particularly in dental marketing. In fact, dental marketing was almost non-existent when I got in the business.
The Top 25 Endodontic Products of 2019
5/30/2019 Dentistry Today
Dentistry Today presents its ninth annual Readers’ Choice Top 25 Endodontic Products, selected on the basis of lead generation, representing some of the profession’s most innovative technologies.
Treating patients with special needs is fulfilling
5/30/2019 New Dentist Blog
New York — Dr. Chelsea Fosse knew she wanted to work with patients with special needs even before she enrolled in dental school.
New Dental Product: 3Shape Dental System 2019
5/30/2019 Dental Compare
3Shape recently released the newest version of its software, 3Shape Dental System 2019.
So You Want to Be a Practice Management Consultant
5/29/2019 Deirdre Mundy, MBA
You’ve been involved in practice management, either on the clinical or administrative side, for most of your career.
5 ways to build a strong online presence for your dental practice brand
5/29/2019 Dentistry IQ
Dentists must have a presence online in order to succeed in today's environment.
Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Break Room
5/28/2019 Elite Dental Fitout
The primary function of a break room is to give staff a break – from work, from the décor and lighting of the practice rooms, from the furniture and equipment, from patients.
Why is it so hard to find great dental staff?
5/24/2019 Chris Salierno, DDS
Why do many dentists complain about how hard it is to find good team members? Maybe they're making their search too narrow. Dr. Chris Salierno suggests how to expand the search.
Sizes Added to Collagen Matrix Lineup
5/24/2019 Dentistry Today
Geistlich Biomaterials has expanded its Geistlich Fibro-Gide line of collagen matrices for soft-tissue augmentation procedures in the oral cavity to include 15- by 20- by 6-mm and 20- by 40- by 6-mm sizes for both small and large defects.
Oral Bacterial DNA Found in Cerebral Emboli of Stroke Patients
5/24/2019 Dentistry Today
The cerebral emboli of stroke patients include DNA from oral pathogens, according to researchers at Tampere University in Finland.
Researchers Discover Signaling Pathway in Biofilm Formation
5/24/2019 Dentistry Today
Primary surface proteins reach out into the environment. When the paired surface proteins SspAB are present, processing enzymes cleave the proteins to produce peptides—termed C-pep—in the cell membrane.
5/24/2019 Nature BDJ
The introduction of adhesive techniques in combination with translucent restorative materials has greatly influenced treatment concepts in fixed prosthodontics.
5/24/2019 Suresh Nayar
'The face is the mirror of the mind', so said St Jerome. Patients affected by head and neck cancer have to deal not only with the effects of the disease but also with the effects of the treatment for the disease.
Dental painkiller prescriptions are leading to teenage addiction
5/23/2019 DentistryIQ
Recent studies conducted by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) and the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) have shown that there is an increased risk for opioid addiction in teenagers and young adults
Pulpdent Donates Dental Products to Special Olympics Games in Abu Dhabi
5/23/2019 Dental Compare
As a supporter of the Special Olympics Smiles program, Pulpdent Corporation recently donated a variety of dental products to the Special Olympics Games in Abu Dhabi.
Lightweight Loupes and Lights Designed for Comfort and Fashion
5/23/2019 Dentistry Today
Eclipse Loupes offers several styles of frames, including different styles from Ray-Ban, designed to stand out in any operatory.
5/22/2019 George Michelinakis & Dimitrios Nikolidakis
Studies reporting on the application of digital bite registration for fully edentulous patients rehabilitated with dental implants are scarce.
The dental hygienist's role in access to care
5/22/2019 Katie Melko, MSDH, RDH
Access to care is an ongoing issue worldwide, and it is something you as a dental hygienist or dental hygiene student can improve in big and small ways.
As the leader of your dental practice, are you in control?
5/22/2019 Roger P. Levin, DDS
Dr. Roger Levin says that many dentists believe they are in control of their practices. But they may actually need to ask a few questions and take a close look at their leadership styles.
Ceramic Resin Cement Offered in Single-Dose Blister Pack
5/22/2019 Dentistry Today
VOCO’s Ceramic Bond ceramic and resin cement coupling agent is now available in a single-dose blister pack, improving speed, hygiene, and convenience in treatment, the company reports.
5/21/2019 Dentistry Today
Dr. Jason H. Goodchild discusses why dental hygienists need the most appropriate tools to not only provide care, but also to maintain their own health while delivering it. For more, see his article.
To balance motherhood and dental hygiene, make a plan
5/21/2019 Latoya Blandin, RDH
Latoya Blandin, RDH, a mother of two young children, shares how she survives (and thrives) as a working mom.
Exploring choices in the dental assisting profession: Clinical options (Part 1 of 4)
5/21/2019 Natalie Kaweckyj
This series from 28-year dental assisting veteran Natalie Kaweckyj will help guide dental assistants on the many choices available to them within the dental assisting profession.
Considerations for treating periodontal pathogens
5/21/2019 Amber Auger, MPH, RDH
Properly educating the patient on how the bacteria adheres to the tooth will increase the urgency for frequent and proper home care.
DentalEZ Launches Fusion Equipment Package from Forest Dental
5/21/2019 Dental Compare
DentalEZ recently launched the Fusion equipment package from Forest Dental.
5/20/2019 Dentistry Today
Dr. Jihyon Kim shares her thoughts and perspectives on why our techniques for placing direct composite dentistry needs to change. For more, read her full interview.
Myth busters for dental assistants: If dentist won’t pay for CE, there’s no point in going. Right?
5/20/2019 Tija Hunter
Wrong! It's important for dental assistants to stay up on their continuing education. Doing so is an investment in their career.
A practical guide for testing dental unit waterlines: Part 3
5/20/2019 Noel Kelsch, MS, RDHAP
Dental infection control expert Noel Kelsch, MS, RDHAP, goes through what you should do when your dental unit waterlines fail testing.
The strange things you see in dental sleep medicine
5/20/2019 Nancy L. Addy, DDS
Dr. Nancy Addy says dentists who practice in the field of dental sleep medicine must be prepared for anything because every patient is unique.
Airway: Why Can’t I Get My Orthodontist On Board?
5/19/2019 ACT Dental
ACT Dental Episode #212: Airway: Why Can’t I Get My Orthodontist On Board? With Dr. Jeff Rouse.
Don’t be like a politician in your dental practice
5/18/2019 Roger P. Levin, DDS
When you are at odds with a coworkers, do you approach the situation from a team perspective, or are you focusing on your own concerns and interests?
Why it pays to be a dentist when applying for a home loan
5/18/2019 MediPro Capital Finance
As a dentist you are eligible for a range of industry-only dental loans and products which the person on the street doesn’t get access to. This is due to the prestige and security associated with your job.
Henry Schein Dental Launches Thrive By Henry Schein, a Membership Value Club
5/17/2019 Dental Compare
Thrive by Henry Schein, a new membership value club from Henry Schein Dental, offers special pricing on the company’s portfolio of business,
I can wear acrylic nails, or gel nails at work in gloves, right?
5/17/2019 Tija Hunter
There are many myths that surround dental assistants, and this DA wants to set the record straight on many of them.
Using Dental Memes to Educate Patients on Social Media
5/13/2019 Dental Warrior
This post will be very short! Earlier today, a dentist friend posted a dental meme on Facebook
5/13/2019 DentistryIQ
Peas and Carrots. Fred and Ginger. Burrs and Handpieces. Some things just go together. Watch as Dr. Chris Salierno explores the unique new partnership between Komet and Bien Air.
Glidewell Dental Launches Guiding Leaders for Women in Dentistry
5/10/2019 Dental Compare
Glidewell Dental recently launched Guiding Leaders, a leadership development program that empowers women to become influential voices in dentistry.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Handling dental patients who are under the influence
5/9/2019 Team Troubleshooter
This dental team member dismissed a patient who was under the influence, but the dentist isn't supporting her decision.
New Dental Product: Spark Clear Aligner System from Ormco
5/9/2019 Dental Compare
Ormco previewed its new Spark Clear Aligner System at the American Academy of Orthodontics (AAO) annual meeting.
3 Factors for Patient Comfort During Anesthetic Injections
5/8/2019 Tim Devine
Like any dentist with 43 years of experience, Dr. Howard S. Glazer has updated his practice with new techniques and technologies.
How to thrive spending more time with existing dental patients and less time worrying about new ones
5/8/2019 DentistryIQ
This dental practice has learned to live life in a slower lane, and they're profiting handsomely from the change.
5/8/2019 Gunz Dental Insight
So far in this series, we’ve learnt (i) how Google works, (ii) how Google wants searchers to stay on Google and (iii) how to increase your chances of getting on the Google map.
KaVo introduces OP3D upgradeable, low-dose panoramic imaging device
5/8/2019 DentistryIQ Editors
The new KaVo OP3D is an upgradeable, low-dose panoramic imaging device.
Young Innovations Acquires Crystal Tips
5/7/2019 Dental Compare
Young Innovations recently acquired several entities that make up Crystal Tips.
DE's Recall Visit: Talking overhead with Dianne Watterson, MBA, RDH
5/7/2019 DentistryIQ Editors
Staff overhead takes a big chunk out of a dentist's income. How much should this overhead cost be, and how can a dentist keep track of that cost?
ClearCorrect Announces Rebrand at the AAO 2019 Annual Session
5/6/2019 Dental Compare
ClearCorrect, a Straumann Group brand, unveiled a major rebrand at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) 2019 Annual Session,
5/3/2019 Biolase
Lasers have been shown in all fields of medicine to have profound positive benefits for patients and clinicians alike.
5/3/2019 Quora
You don’t. There is an obsession with removing all microbes and plaque in the oral cavity that has no basis in clinical studies.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Dental team shocked about sale of practice; what should they expect?
5/2/2019 Team Troubleshooter
This small, tight-knit dental team is shocked that the dentist has sold the practice to a group. What can they do to prepare?
Hope for private practice dentistry
5/2/2019 Gary Radz, DDS
Bryan Brenner, DDS, understands how graduating dental students can find the prospect of going into private practice daunting.
The top 5 reasons why your dental patients just aren’t showing up
5/2/2019 Sally McKenzie
If dentists can figure out why patients cancel their appointments at the last minute, they might be able to solve the problem. Here are a few suggestions.
Social media for start-ups
5/2/2019 Kristie Nation
Launching a new dental practice requires a lot of planning—location, staff, equipment, financing
Patient attrition: 3 steps to finding a hidden gold mine
5/2/2019 Brett Wells, DDS
Let’s begin this discussion with a question: Do you know what your annual patient attrition rate is? No? Don’t worry—you’re not alone.
Still think you need new patients?
5/2/2019 Gerry McGoldrick
It has been reported that the normal attrition rate for dental practices is one of the highest in health care—over 20%.
What I learned and you must know from our accounts receivable outsourcing division
5/2/2019 Nancy Kagan, RDH
After 16 years as a practice management consultant, you might think I have seen it all. I might have agreed with you before my firm and I began our outsourcing division two years ago
5/2/2019 Dental Economics
Jay Geier discusses the importance of new patient calls in dental practices and when it's time to let an underperforming employee go.
Highlights from the 35th annual American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry scientific meeting
5/1/2019 Perio Implant Advisory
Dr. Alisa Neymark recounts highlights from the recent AACD meeting. Biomimetic dentistry is on the vanguard of new advances, and much more attention will be paid to this discipline in the future.
Antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with breast implants prior to dental procedures
5/1/2019 Scott Froum, DDS
Dr. Scott Froum and Brittany Wall discuss the etiology of early- and late-stage breast implant infection as it relates to dental procedures
Hidden fluoride in tea and other foods and beverages
5/1/2019 Cathy Hester Seckman, RDH
Can certain tea preparations be hiding potentially toxic levels of fluoride? You may want to warn your patients with heavy tea habits to consider their overall exposure.
5/1/2019 Gunz Dental Insight
In Part Three of this article series, we look at one way that dentists can boost their presence online.
Dental Marketing: Which Type Of Patients Are Most Profitable?
5/1/2019 Jim Du Molin
Dentists tend to target their dental marketing towards the most profitable patients.
BOQ Specialist announces strategic equity investment in leading patient finance provider
5/1/2019 BOQ Specialist Laura Travis
BOQ Specialist today announced a 35 per cent equity stake in MiFund, one of Australia’s leading providers of patient finance, further reinforcing its commitment to supporting the medical, dental and veterinary industries
Why I’m happy I came back to dental hygiene
4/30/2019 DentistryIQ
In leaving dental hygiene, Rose Vrabel discovered it was the perfect profession for her.
The RF Bleeding Index: A better way to detect active interproximal gum disease?
4/30/2019 William Fell, DDS
This article is to introduce a possible better method of evaluating the intactness or health of the interproximal sulcular epithelium, the RF Bleeding Index technique.
Robot dentist in China is first to fit implants in patient without any human involvement
4/26/2019 Dentistry.Co.UK
A robot has carried out a dental operation without help from humans for the first time, carrying out implant surgery on a patient in China
What You Need to Know About Fluorosis Today
4/26/2019 Ilikemyteeth
Fluoride is an important mineral, especially for children. Our mouths contain bacteria that use sugars in the foods we eat and the beverages we drink to produce an acid that harms our teeth.
Good Oral Hygiene May Improve Recovery After a Heart Attack
4/25/2019 Dentistry Today
Good oral hygiene may help recovery after acute cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and aortic dissection, according to the European Society of Cardiology (ESC),
Single tooth dentistry vs. full mouth considerations
4/25/2019 Dr. Ryan Springer
When we're discussing single tooth dentistry versus comprehensive or full mouth dentistry, the first thing I think that needs to be determined is, can we treat this person with single tooth dentistry?
4/24/2019 Gunz Dental Insight
In Part Two of this article series, we look at the impact for dentists due to changes in Google.
RAMVAC Compressors: Performance Optimized for In-office Milling
4/24/2019 DentalEZ
We are pleased to announce an upgrade to our RAMVAC Osprey Smart Compressors.
4 Common Mistakes Dental Hygienists Make
4/23/2019 Amber Auger, MPH, RDH
In my experience as clinical and business consultant, I often see similar issues in dental offices around the country. These issues often negatively impact patient care as well as our own mental health.
Rethinking the conversation around older patients
4/22/2019 Dorothy Garlough, MPA, RDH
My life is rapidly changing, and I know that I have created this change. I am becoming busier in my professional life, so it's harder to find the time to write.
What makes us great dentists makes us bad business owners
4/22/2019 Chris Salierno, DDS
That attention to detail that makes you such a great dentist may not be helping you when it comes to being a business owner.
4/20/2019 ALAN MEAD
You know how to get people to click on your article? Here are a couple of rules:
4/18/2019 Amber Metro-Sanchez, BA, RDH
The theme for this month’s issue of RDH is rethinking the dental hygiene appointment. Traditionally, this block of time has been viewed by many as “just a cleaning.”
Why do we ask “Has your jaw ever locked open or closed?”
4/18/2019 Dr. Alex Kim
Why do we ask for the patient’s TMJ history as a part of our complete exam? Particularly, why do we ask a history of open or closed lock?
Pierrel Pharma Receives Edison Award for Goccles, an Oral Cancer Screening Device
4/17/2019 Dental Compare
Pierrel Pharma recently received a Best New Product Silver Edison Award for its oral cancer screening device, Goccles.
4/17/2019 Gunz Dental Insight
Perhaps you’ve been blissfully unaware but for a number of years now, there’s been a subtle change going on…
Top 3 career needs for new dentists
4/16/2019 Heartland Dental
There are many factors to consider when determining how and where you’ll practice after graduation. No matter which career path you chose,
Dentapreg  fibers  WE PRESERVE TEETH
4/14/2019 Dentapreg
A new class of fiber reinforced composite material is suitable for building structures such as dental splints, temporary bridges and large restorations.
ACTIVA BioACTIVE-CEMENT from Pulpdent Corporation
4/14/2019 Dental Compare
ACTIVA BioACTIVE-CEMENT is ideal for all crown and bridge materials, including zirconia, CAD/CAM, lithium disilicate, PFMs, and glass ceramic materials.
4/13/2019 Gunz Dental
It’s hard not to get emotionally involved when you’re in a tense conversation. A disagreement can feel like a threat.
Thursday Troubleshooter: What to do about patients who don’t confirm their appointments?
4/11/2019 Team Troubleshooter
Problems! Who doesn't have them? If you have a problem or concern in your dental office position, you might be too close to the situation to solve it yourself.
Great things happen with a little, or a lot, of dental team cooperation
4/10/2019 Jenny Reid
Someone recently asked me, “What is the one thing dental teams should do to help their practice and patients thrive?”
Why digital marketing should be every dentist's priority
4/9/2019 Dentistry IQ
There are many different marketing opportunities available to dentists. They should be concentrating on the digital opportunities.
NSK America introduces iProphy Mobile cordless hygiene handpiece
4/9/2019 DentistryIQ Editors
NSK has introduced the iProphy Mobile cordless hygiene handpiece for comfortable and smooth polishing.
PDT releases implant hygiene instruments for full fixed hybrid patients
4/9/2019 DentistryIQ Editors
Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT) Inc. has released new instruments for implant hygiene and maintenance for full fixed implant restorations, the Pineyro Arch Kit. Designed with Alfonso Piñeyro, DDS,
Be a harried hygienist no more
Anna Middleton explores the need for dental hygienists and therapists feeling out of sorts to look at their motivating factors
Watch Video: Invisalign-Go Beyond
4/4/2019 Dental Compare
New Dental Product: 3M™ Filtek™ Universal Restorative from 3M Oral Care
4/4/2019 Dental Compare
3M Oral Care recently introduced 3M™ Filtek™ Universal Restorative, a universal composite that offers a simplified shading process and advanced composite technology.
Fractured dental implant screw complications: 3 methods for screw retrieval
4/4/2019 Scott Froum, DDS
Dental implant screw loosening and fracture complications can be as high as 45% over a 10-year period.
New Dental Product: AeroPro Cordless Handpiece from Premier Dental
4/3/2019 Dental Compare
Premier Dental recently introduced AeroPro, a cordless handpiece that offers greater mobility for hygienists.
4/1/2019 Dental Economics
Transitioning out of or into practice ownership is one of the most consequential life and career decisions a dentist can make.
Henry Schein Acquires Lighthouse 360
4/1/2019 Dental Compare
Henry Schein recently acquired Lighthouse 360, a company that provides easy-to-use dental practice management and patient communication software, from
The neglected duty
4/1/2019 Kristin Goodfellow, RDH
I recently conducted an unscientific “study”—and by study, I mean I asked 20 healthy people the following questions: “During your last dental visit did anyone mention to you how to clean their tongue?
AAT Publishes Revised Guidelines for Oral-Systemic Thermography
4/1/2019 Dentistry Today
The American Academy of Thermology (AAT) has published revised guidelines for oral-systemic thermography to aid in the performance of dental-systemic health infrared imaging in evaluating patients
Promote Oral Cancer Awareness This April
4/1/2019 Dentistry Today
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) is offering dental practices resources to promote and conduct screenings, which may save a life.
3/30/2019 Joe Berah, Director
Long answer, but the background around this issue is quite complex. I’ll try to touch on it. There are a number of reasons why I have never employed nitrous.
New Dental Product: Curve Business Intelligence from Curve Dental
3/29/2019 Dental Compare
Curve Dental recently released Curve Business Intelligence, the newest module within the Curve Cloud Platform.
The 10 most useful apps for dentists
3/29/2019 Melissa Bailey, DDS
There are many great apps that can help modern dentists gain efficiency and effectiveness in running their dental practices. To give you some ideas about how apps can improve your practice,
New Dental Product: CS 3100 Milling System from Carestream Dental
3/28/2019 Dental Compare
Carestream Dental recently introduced the CS 3100 milling system.
Thursday Troubleshooter: This dental assistant has not had a raise in 8 years
3/28/2019 Team Troubleshooter
Problems! Who doesn't have them? If you have a problem or concern in your dental office position, you might be too close to the situation to solve it yourself.
3 tools to reduce student debt and thrive financially
3/26/2019 Amber Auger, MPH, RDH
I remember looking at my student loans and feeling as though I would never pay them off. I went to a private school that averaged $35,000 per semester.
Laser therapy: Is it for you?
3/26/2019 Amber Auger, MPH, RDH
Lasers can be highly beneficial for dental patients undergoing periodontal therapy. But if you're a dental hygienist and unfamiliar with lasers, where do you start?
Should new dentists work for a DSO or private practice?
3/25/2019 Andrey Bobrovskiy
Corporations and small businesses are close to polar opposites of each other.
You could probably use a business boot camp. Here’s why…
3/25/2019 Chris Salierno, DDS
You could use a business boot camp because . . . • You’re tired of doing things the same way you did them last year. • You don’t want to just accept a lower PPO reimbursement as a necessary evil.
Questioning periodontal disease dogma
3/22/2019 Richard H. Nagelberg, DDS
We think we have this periodontal disease thing figured out—it’s a local infection with systemic effects, right? Then, along comes Dr. Richard Nagelberg saying, “What if it is the other way around?”
How this dentist’s deep dive into his personality and practice opened a whole new world
3/22/2019 Robert M. Maguire, DDS, MASCL
Early in my career, I admit that I focused too much on the “numbers” and financial side of my practice.
A dental picture that's worth thousands of dollars, literally
3/22/2019 Stacey L. Simmons, DDS
TAKE A LOOK AT THESE PICTURES immediately above and below this paragraph. They are photos of the same teeth. Can you tell a difference?
BC oral pathology case 40: The 'empty' lesion
3/22/2019 Ahmad Chaudhry, MD, DMD
Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry presents the oral pathology case of a 14-year-old male with a lesion on the anterior mandible first seen on periapical x-rays his general dentist took.
How I chose an intraoral camera to invest in
3/22/2019 Lisa Knowles, DDS
With a new start-up practice, my budget is tight. Sure, I could take on more debt to live more lavishly and have more pieces of equipment, but I don’t want more debt. I am living more minimally and trying to have less stress.
Carestream Dental CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner
3/21/2019 Carestream Dental
New enhancements to the CS 3600 intraoral scanner’s acquisition software take the technology from smart to genius.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Can dental employer ask for nose ring removal?
3/21/2019 Team Troubleshooter
Problems! Who doesn't have them? If you have a problem or concern in your dental office position, you might be too close to the situation to solve it yourself.
3 ways to immediately increase production in your dental practice
3/21/2019 Roger P. Levin, DDS
While the prospect of increasing production 80% sounds great, the thought of having to implement 42 strategies sounds exhausting.
New Listing Northern NSW
Only Practice in Town. 2 chair practice and building in Northern NSW, about 1.75 hours west of Lismore. This practice was recently appraised by J.T.Gray & Associates for $615,000. Building independently valued $240,000.
Myth busters in dental assisting: I can do what I want on social media
3/20/2019 Tija Hunter, CDA, EFDA, CDIA, MADA
My social media accounts are private, and I can post what I want, when I want! Right?
Oral Bacteria Linked With More Aggressive Pancreatic Tumors
3/14/2019 Dentistry Today
The presence of oral bacteria in so-called cystic pancreatic tumors is associated with the severity of the tumor, according to researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.
Interview with Robert Ganley, CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent
3/13/2019 Zachary Kulsrud
At IDS 2019, big things are happening for Ivoclar Vivadent, one of the world's leading dental materials and technologies companies.
Interview with Diego Gabathuler, incoming CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent
3/13/2019 Zachary Kulsrud
What does the future hold for Ivoclar Vivadent, one of dentistry's most influential companies?
Five Ways Dental Marketing Can Suck the Life Out of You
3/13/2019 Kevin Williams
As a dental practice owner, you have a lot of responsibilities, from seeing patients and staying on top of dental technologies to running your business and making sure you’re growing.
Restorative Material Designed for Reliable Light Curing
3/12/2019 Dentistry Today
VOCO’s newest addition to the GrandioSO family—GrandioSO x-tra—is a truly aesthetic, packable, bulk-fill, nanohybrid restorative material, the company reports.
The 100-year evolution of the science and practice of dental hygiene
3/12/2019 Christine Nathe, MS, RDH
Dental hygiene is still a relatively young health profession, just over 100 years old.
Divide your dental marketing dollars into buckets and score more patients
3/12/2019 Laura Hatch, BS, MS, FAADOM
Most dental offices want more new patients, but they don’t know how to get them.
Is now the time to start your own dental practice?
3/8/2019 Tyler DeStefano, LUTCF
The idea of owning and running a business can be daunting. You are not only a dental provider, you are also a business owner.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Dental assistant feels ignored, also discouraged from sharing her marketing
3/7/2019 Team Troubleshooter
Problems! Who doesn't have some? If you have a problem or concern in your dental office position, you might be too close to the situation to solve it yourself.
Human Resources Questions: Must they honor free care benefit during an employee's leave?
3/6/2019 Rebecca Boartfield and Tim Twigg
The human resources landscape is constantly changing. Dentists have ongoing questions about how to handle staff issues.
Dental pain: Predicting postoperative pain prior to the procedure
3/6/2019 Scott Froum, DDS
While one cannot predict which dental patients will experience postoperative pain and which will not, Dr. Scott Froum distills the top five preoperative factors and patient characteristics
Let’s celebrate dental assistants year-round
3/5/2019 Kevin Henry
Imagine telling your significant other just once a year that you love him or her. Imagine telling your mom or dad on just one day how much they have meant to you.
5 reasons high overhead costs are holding your dental practice back
3/4/2019 Sally McKenzie
High overhead is a common problem faced by many dentists. They spend all of their money to cover monthly expenses and don’t have much, if any, left over for practice updates, technology purchases, or retirement savings.
Patient education technologies for dental hygienists
3/1/2019 Ann-Marie DePalma, MEd, RDH, FADIA, FAADH
Do you want to improve your patient engagement and education? Is your case acceptance rate lower than you would like? Do you have patients who say yes to treatment . . .
2/27/2019 Gunz Dental Insight
Check out the NEW BELMONT PHOT X-IIS LCD X-RAY on the Gunz Dental eStore
Why this direct access hygienist is pressing pause
2/27/2019 Amy Ericks, BSDH, RDH
I’ve recently spent much of my time considering whether or not to continue providing dental care at a local nursing facility. If you recall from my last article, I faced a situation that potentially could have resulted in a major liability concern.
2/27/2019 Gunz Dental Insight
Autoclaves can be found in dental clinics around the world. An autoclave enables oral health professionals to carry out their work whilst minimizing the risk of cross infection
Does Your Dental Office Need A Makeover?
2/24/2019 Lighthouse
As the number of dentists in the U.S. continues to grow, dentistry has become more competitive than ever before.
3 Steps To Shape Up Your Online Reputation For 2019
2/24/2019 Lighthouse
Are your patients’ online reviews of your dental practice putting your reputation at risk?
What Are Your Competitors Planning For The Coming Year—And How Does Your Practice Compare?
2/24/2019 Lighthouse
What are dentists’ biggest concerns for 2019, and what are they doing to prepare for success in the new year?
2/24/2019 Prosites
Have you started planning ahead for patient communications, campaigns, and marketing efforts in 2019 to maximize revenue and growth?
ScanPeg with Esthetic Healing Abutments
2/24/2019 Neoss
Neoss® Esthetic Healing Abutments offer a complete range of anatomically-shaped PEEK healing abutments with a dedicated ScanPeg, for simplified and accurate single tooth intra-oral scanning.
SingleFill™ Composite System
2/23/2019 Kerr
Introducing new, advanced SonicFill 3, now with improved adaptation and optimized for easier handling, sculptability, and polish.
Unsupervised dentistry: Dentist buddy-buddies, fixing 'gum decay,' and DIY ortho aligners—say what?!
2/21/2019 Stacey L. Simmons, DDS
Dr. Stacey Simmons goes undercover, pretending to be a potential customer for a DIY orthodontics company. She shares snippets of her conversation (everything you need to know about "gum decay" and buddies!)
Random thoughts about periodontal stuff
2/21/2019 Richard H. Nagelberg, DDS
Dr. Richard Nagelberg challenges us with more concepts about how we and the bacteria that reside in and on our bodies are inextricably linked, relying on each other for survival.
2/20/2019 Gunz Dental
Chemical disinfectants used in healthcare environments eliminate a wide range of bacteria; however they do not destroy or kill spores.
Myth busters for dental assistants: It’s OK to carry my cell phone through the workday
2/20/2019 Tija Hunter, CDA, EFDA, CDIA, MADA
You do not need your cell phone on you at all times. Your family should have your office phone number to reach you in case of a true family emergency. If you are in the middle of any procedure, there is no way you should be answering your phone.
Dental assistant dreads answering phones: What can she do?
2/19/2019 Kevin Henry
When we first unveiled our #DAFails campaign, the goal was to have dental assistants write in and share those times in their careers when they didn’t meet expectations, and what they learned from those experiences.
3 things dental hygienists need to know about medical marijuana and CBD oil
2/19/2019 Kathryn Kupczyk, BSDH, RDH
Remember the days of everyone from hippie protesters to Sean Paul calling for the government to just "legalize it, already"?
New Dental Product: iTero Element 5D Intraoral Scanner from Align Technology
2/19/2019 Dental Compare
The new iTero Element 5D Imaging System from Align Technology combines digital impression scanning with near-infrared imaging technology to provide a new comprehensive intraoral imaging protocol.
New Dental Products: Planmeca Creo C5 3D Printer and Planmeca Compact I5 Dental Unit
2/19/2019 DentistryIQ
The 2019 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting will mark the debut of a pair of new products from Planmeca, the Planmeca Creo C5 3D printer and the Planmeca Compact i5 dental unit.
New Dental Products: Veriguide OS 3D Print Resin & UViTRON INTELLIRAY UV Curing System from Whip Mix
2/19/2019 Dental Compare
Whip Mix is launching a new 3D printing resin designed for the production of surgical guides and a new curing unit that is a part of a new 3D printed denture workflow featuring materials from Dentca.
Why, what, and how we help our dental patients accept treatment
2/14/2019 Karah Garrison
Our dental team is a bit unique. We have three doctors and five administrators, and each have a specific role.
Thursday Troubleshooter: How to handle dental staff who forget to clock in and out?
2/14/2019 Team Troubleshooter
QUESTION: What is the best way to manage the forgetful employees who don't remember to clock in or out throughout the day?
EsteCem II Dual Cure Resin Cement from Tokuyama America Inc.
2/14/2019 Dental Compare
Offering high bond strength and compatibility with all restorative materials, EsteCem II is a dual cure resin cement with a simplified application technique when used with Tokuyama Universal Bond.
Claris i5HD from SOTA Imaging
2/14/2019 Dental Compare
Featuring a native high definition CMOS sensor, the Claris i5HD intraoral camera delivers crisp, detailed images that can be zoomed into without pixelation or distortion.
RayDent Studio from Ray Medical Co.,Ltd
2/14/2019 Dental Compare
The RayDent Studio 3D printer is designed for fast, accurate production of dental models, surgical guides and provisional restorations.
SolFlex 170 DLP Dental 3D Printer from VOCO America, Inc.
2/14/2019 Dental Compare
With its Senor Monitored Production system, the SolFlex 170 3D printer uses a laser system to monitor print jobs which can increase production speeds by 40 percent.
I-Max 3D from Owandy Radiology
2/14/2019 Dental Compare
Small, lightweight, and affordable, the I-Max 3D digital imaging system is designed to be wall mounted so it can easily fit into any dental practice.
2/13/2019 Lee Ann Brady
So today I went to take a Centric Relation bite record for a patient so we could fabricate an occlusal appliance.
The hidden value of structured onboarding for your dental practice
2/13/2019 Paul Edwards
So, you made a new hire. After all those job postings, resumés, and interviews, you finally filled a critical position with a viable recruit.
New Dental Product: Bluephase G4 LED Curing Light from Ivoclar Vivadent
2/13/2019 Ivoclar Vivadent
The latest curing light from Ivoclar Vivadent, the Bluephase G4, features Polyvision technology to guide users and Polywave technology to allow curing of any dental material.
Product Review: Launca DL-150 Intraoral Scanner from Launca Medical
2/12/2019 DentalCompare
DL-150 is the newest generation intraoral scanner from Launca, with state-of-the-art 3D points post-processing technology. Launca intraoral scanner DL-150 provides a perfect combination of high accuracy and ease of use.
'How long until I have a tooth, doctor?': Assessing dental implant stability noninvasively
2/11/2019 Robert Stanley, PhD, DDS
In dentistry, we strive for perfection in both function and esthetics. The same holds true in implant dentistry. The patient expects a perfect restoration that functions as well as, if not better than, the original tooth.
From chair to lab: Things dentists do that make lab techs' jobs more challenging
2/10/2019 Stacey L. Simmons, DDS
There are certain kinds of Post-it notes that I don’t like getting on my desk, and some of my least favorites are the ones with messages like this: “CALL THE LAB ... they have a question about a patient's crown/bridge/denture/implant case.”
What Is An Autoclave?
2/8/2019 Gunz Dental
Working under pressure is no fun. But if you’re an autoclave, you work best under pressure. In fact, you only work under high-pressure conditions.
Netflix’s ‘Root Cause’ is dumb, but is it also dangerous?
2/8/2019 Chris Salierno, DDS
The First Amendment states that Congress shall make no law “. . .abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press . . .” and I will protect that American right with all of my heart. However, there are some limitations to that freedom of speech.
Are narrow implants a reliable solution?
2/8/2019 Patrick Palacci, DDS, and Giulia Mancardi, PhD
NARROW IMPLANTS (from 3.5 mm in diameter and less) have been designed for treatment of the anterior maxillary and mandibular regions mainly for the replacement of lower incisors, but not for the replacement of premolars and molars.
New Dental Product: NeoBurr 330 Squared Carbide Burs from Microcopy
2/8/2019 DentalCompare
Featuring a blended neck design for enhanced strength, the NeoBurr 3302 carbide bur from Microcopy is being launched at the 2019 Chicago Midwinter Meeting.
New Dental Product: Primescan Intraoral Scanner from Dentsply Sirona
2/7/2019 DentalCompare
Designed to make capturing digital impressions faster, easier, and more accurate, the Primescan intraoral scanner from Dentsply Sirona is the latest digital impressions system from the maker of the CEREC CAD/CAM System.
Why salivary diagnostics for dental practices?
2/5/2019 Barbara Kreuger, MA, RDH
Salivary diagnostics can play an important role in helping us produce high quality outcomes for patients and create awareness of their oral-systemic risk factors.
Dental practice design profile: Total Dental Care of Lake Norman
2/4/2019 Ronnie G. Davidson II, DMD
Practice vision: we wanted a space of our own, designed efficiently to reflect the way dentistry is practiced today, a space with a lot of glass and exposure to natural light, which creates the welcoming environment that we dentists envisioned.
New Dental Product: FreeShape 120 3D Printer from Ackuretta
2/4/2019 DentalCompare
Designed to provide dental professionals with an affordable entry point to 3D printing, the FreeShape 120 3D printer from Ackuretta provides reliable and accurate printed parts.
New Dental Product: SMARTmirror Camera Equipped Dental Mirror
2/4/2019 DentalCompare
Designed to allow clinicians and patients to easily see inside the patient's mouth during exams and treatments, the SMARTmirror is a WiFi-enabled dental mirror equipped with a tiny imaging sensor and LED lights.
New Dental Product: 3M Chairside Zirconia CAD/CAM Blocks
2/4/2019 DentalCompare
Designed to provide both strength and esthetics, 3M Chairside Zirconia is a new CAD/CAM block optimized for sintering in the CEREC SpeedFire Furnace.
High heels and pig jaws with some sun, sand, and surf—dentistry at its finest!
2/1/2019 Stacey L. Simmons, DDS
RESET, LEARN, NETWORK, AND RELAX—what better way to reassure yourself that dentistry is the right profession for you? The ADA Annual Meeting in Hawaii did not disappoint, and one of the best parts was that I was able to take my entire staff with me.
How Teledentistry Powered Dental Hygiene Can Bring Care to Patients in Need
2/1/2019 Angie Stone, RDH BS
As people age and become unable to manage daily tasks alone, receiving dental care within a dental office is unlikely. Teledentistry can make bringing checkups and care to these people possible.
2/1/2019 Paul Feuerstein, DMD
How many times have we heard the phrase “I want to improve my smile”? In many situations, the patients’ idea of what they want might be totally different from our natural response.
Why your employer should care about dull instruments
2/1/2019 Amelia Williamson DeStefano, MA
The hygiene appointment is known throughout the industry to be an important source of production and overall practice health.
New Dental Products: Cleaning Wipes from Palmero Healthcare
2/1/2019 DentalCompare
Palmero Healthcare recently announced the launch of a pair of new cleaning wipe products with the debut of ProVision Crystal Clear Anti-Fog Solo Wipes and Protectall Upholstery Cleaner Wipes.
New Dental Product: Grandio Discs CAD/CAM Milling Discs from VOCO
2/1/2019 DentalCompare
VOCO recently announced the launch of Grandio nanohybrid composite milling discs, designed for the production of inlays, onlays, veneers, and crowns with properties that mimic those of natural teeth.
New Dental Product: GrandioSO x-tra Bulk Fill Composite from VOCO
2/1/2019 DentalCompare
Designed for use in Class I and Class II posterior restorations, as well as Class V restorations, GrandioSO x-tra from VOCO is an esthetic nano-hybrid bulk restorative material.
New Dental Product: Dynamic Disposables Office Packs Protective Eyewear from Palmero Healthcare
2/1/2019 DentalCompare
Dynamic Disposables new eye protection wear starter packs make it easier to obtain a supply of disposable eye protection for patients and clinicians.
Preventing The Spread Of Infection In Dental Practices
1/31/2019 Gunz Dental
There is currently a silent battle in every healthcare environment all over the world: the war against micro-organisms.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Was it legal for dentist to take patient list when he left the practice?
1/31/2019 Thursday Troubleshooter Team
When an associate dentist decided to leave the practice he had been with for five years, he took pictures of patient’s names, addresses, and phone numbers whom he had treated during the five years.
New Dental Product: Pro-V C&B Temporary Crown and Bridge Material from Bisco
1/30/2019 DentalCompare
New Dental Product allows dental practitioners to create aesthetic and durable temporary restorations. Pro-V C&B temporary crown and bridge material from Bisco is a multifunctional acrylic composite material.
8 steps for documenting oral lesions
1/29/2019 Claire Jeong, MS, RDH
As dental hygienists, we play crucial roles in detecting oral cancer. Some of us are probably seeing patients right now who need our help. How can we do this? The first step is providing thorough oral lesion inspections.
Quick Picks: Portable Digital Impression Systems
1/27/2019 DentalCompare Quick Picks
Digital impression systems continue to make their transition toward the modern-day standard of care. These systems power chairside CAD/CAM systems and provide a more efficient and accurate impression process that is less bothersome to patients.
Digital X-ray Sensors with Unique Attributes
1/27/2019 DentalCompare Quick Picks
Digital x-ray sensors are among the most important equipment innovations in modern dentistry. Sensors offer better images than film while taking less time and reducing the radiation exposure for patients and clinicians alike.
Zirconia CAD/CAM Materials
1/27/2019 Dental Compare Quick Picks
Advancements in materials really powers CAD/CAM dentistry. Zirconia is among these materials making it possible to provide patients with quickly produced, durable and aesthetic crowns and bridges.
Emotional intelligence as a tool to surviving in a toxic dental office environment
1/25/2019 David Black, DDS
What if you live in an area where there are only a few dental offices and limited choices for employment, an area that’s in the middle of an economic downturn, and you need to keep your job because there are no other jobs in the area?
Kulzer Partners with DENTCA for Digital Denture Workflow
1/24/2019 DentalCompare
A new partnership between Kulzer and DENTCA will create a new digital workflow for in-house produced 3D printed dentures as a more efficient and accurate way for practices and dental laboratories to produce dentures.
Vaping Safe? E-cig flavorings may cause damage all by themselves
1/24/2019 Tom Viola, RPh, CCP
Early last year, we got our first confirmation in the form of a 600+ page report that comprehensively analyzed 800 peer-reviewed studies, that vaping, once touted as a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for smokers, isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.
How to keep your pregnant patients smiling
1/24/2019 Randi S. Tillman, DMD, MBA
Pregnancy can have a significant impact on the oral health and well-being of an expectant mother, making maintaining proper dental hygiene and dental checkups important while pregnant.
KaVo Kerr introduces Take 1 Retraction Paste
1/24/2019 DentistryIQ Editors
KaVo Kerr has introduced Take 1 Retraction Paste, a new minimally invasive paste that promotes moisture control and hemostasis while temporarily retracting gingival tissues, eliminating the need to purchase extra accessories.
1/23/2019 Gunz Dental
It wasn’t long ago that the cause of illness was a complete mystery. Striking anyone randomly at any time, disease inflicted terrible pain, fever, and often led to death.
6 qualities a dentist looks for in a dental hygienist
1/23/2019 Susan Mazzei, DDS
As you delve into the process of finding the practice that will allow you to shine and be your best selves, an attribute to the team. Here are qualities that will allow you to be successful on your professional journey.
Raise the standards for yourself to keep your passion for hygiene
1/23/2019 Julie Whiteley, BS, RDH
Compromise is a normal part in any relationship. If you go through your career bailing any time someone doesn’t agree with you, you will more than likely be looking at a lot of job movement and dissatisfaction in your career.
3 apps to achieve a healthier you in 2019
1/23/2019 Amber Auger, MPH, RDH
As most of us chose the hygiene field to help others, we are often the “doers.” We dental hygienists are the reliable people that others can depend on to show up in their times of need.
3 areas every dental assistant should focus on in 2019
1/23/2019 Natalie Kaweckyj, LDARF, CDA
Goals are part of life whether we realize it or not—how you conduct your relationships with family and team members, what you want to achieve in your career, and the way you use your precious free time, to name a few.
Stop calling it DIY Dentistry!
1/21/2019 Chris Salierno, DDS, Dental Economics
Dentists have been concerned about companies that are manufacturing orthodontic appliances without the direct supervision of dentists and the harm the public may be doing to their oral health. News organizations are spreading the word.
Formlabs introduces 3-D printed dentures
1/21/2019 DentistryIQ Editors
Formlabs has announced the availability of Digital Dentures, a direct 3-D printed dental prosthetic. Tested at length, it allows dental labs and practices to produce fully 3-D printed dentures accurately and reliably.
These are a few of my favorite (dental) things
1/19/2019 Stacey L. Simmons, DDS Editorial Director
Close of the year is a good time to look back and remember our favorite dental things. Here are some of my favorite patient conversations of 2018...or at least how I wish they would have gone!
Avoiding communication breakdowns in your dental practice
1/18/2019 Roger P. Levin, DDS
3 ways to ensure superior daily team communication 1. The daily business meeting—This 10-minute meeting is a key element of practice efficiency.
The impact of professional socialization and entrepreneurship on a community’s oral health
1/17/2019 Christine Nathe, MS, RDH
Although there have been many updates to the roles of dental hygienists, one of the latest includes entrepreneur. It's no surprise, then, that "entrepreneurs" is the perfect word to describe the cofounders of Dignity Dental Hygiene.
Tailoring dental appointments for patients with xerostomia
1/17/2019 By Katie Melko, MSDH, RDH
Xerostomia, or "dry mouth", is becoming more prevalent with our patients. This is primarily due to the rise in medications being prescribed across the general population.
Thinking of emailing dental patient records? Think again
1/17/2019 Robert Patrick
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than one billion patient visits are recorded each year by doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals annually in America.
How live chat can create enormous opportunities for your dental practice
1/17/2019 Shay Berman
While all manner of double-your-money schemes have failed, the use of live chat has reliably increased website visit-to-appointment ratio for nearly a decade.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Do bonuses really work for dental teams?
1/17/2019 Dentistry IQ Team Troubleshooter
Never underestimate the morale boosting power of a staff member receiving something extra, plus a little handwritten thank you note from the practice owners!
6 dental patient retention strategies
1/16/2019 By Heather Colicchio
Every dental office manager knows that retaining current patients is just as vital to an office’s success as drawing in new prospective patients from the community. Through retention, established practices thrive and grow.
5 dental marketing and advertising trends for 2019
1/14/2019 Dan Delmain
We’re always keeping an eye out for the most effective dental marketing and advertising. In 2018 we noticed a few trends that are going to pay off big for dentists in 2019.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Dental hygienist questions fairness of new hours and is promptly fired
1/10/2019 Dentistry IQ Team Troubleshooter
Is it legal to make commission-based hygienists stay before and after they see patients? Can employers take away vacation time that has already been earned?
Activa Bioactive: A 6-year update
1/10/2019 Zachary Kulsrud - Senior Editor, Dentistry IQ
In this interview with Pulpdent's Fred Berk, we ask about the challenges that Activa Bioactive has faced in the last 6 years, its successes, as well as what's on the horizon for bioactive products.
Watch Video: ISOLITE® 3 and Ultrasonic Cleaning
1/10/2019 Zyris, Inc
This is the isolation solution you’ve been waiting for. The new Isolite 3 dental isolation system allows you to quickly and easily implement a standard protocol for consistent outcomes in your procedures.
Planmeca Partners with ORCA Dental AI for Artificial Intelligence Powered Automated Image Analysis
1/10/2019 DentalCompare
A partnership between Planmeca Oy and ORCA Dental AI will bring artificial intelligence-powered image processing to the Romexis software platform.
New Dental Product: OptiBond eXTRa Universal Bonding Agent from KaVo Kerr
1/9/2019 DentalCompare
Designed to work with almost any cement, composite, and core build-up material, OptiBond eXTRa Universal is a new self-etch, two-component adhesive from KaVo Kerr.
4 Strategies for attracting new dental patients and keeping the patients you’ve got
1/9/2019 Christine Alfano
Most dental practice owners want to keep their waiting rooms busy with new patients, their treatment chairs full, as well as continue top-notch treatment for their existing patients.
How Your Dental Practice Can Overcome Billing Obstacles
1/4/2019 Robert Patrick
As electronic technology continues to change the way dental practices do business, improving the process for recording and tracking patient health remains a primary challenge. Managing their billing processes and getting paid is another.
New Dental Product: Fast FaceApp Pro 3D Face Scanning Application from Bellus3D
1/4/2019 DentalCompare
Bellus3D is debuting FaceApp Pro, a professional version of the company's FaceApp 3D face scanning technology designed to scan a patient's full head in 3D in less than 15 seconds, according to a press release.
Tailoring periodontal maintenance appointments
1/3/2019 Katie Melko, MSDH, RDH
Post–scaling and root planing (SRP) patients are always great visits. This is the time for you as a clinician to see how well your work paid off and how well patients are complying.
Imagination fueling innovation: The new Waterpik Sonic-Fusion
1/3/2019 Anne Nugent Guignon, MPH, RDH, CSP
The pathway to create the Sonic Fusion started over a decade ago when Water Pik’s American scientists and engineers came up with the idea of a unique hybrid unit, a power toothbrush /water flosser.
Academy of Laser Dentistry Publishes Laser Buying Guide
1/2/2019 DentalCompare
A new guidebook by the Academy of Laser Dentistry aims to help dental professionals understand dental lasers and determine what type is best for a particular practice.
Why don't dental patients swish and spit into a basin next to the chair any more?
1/1/2019 Quora
A question on Quora: Why don't dental patients swish and spit into a basin next to the chair any more?
Do you have a Dental Assistant Fail story to tell?
12/19/2018 Kevin Henry, Cofounder,
I've heard some great stories through the years from dental assistants who have made a big mistake, learned something from it and come out better on the other side.
Predictable esthetics using smile design and a balanced occlusion in centric relation
12/19/2018 Brian Sang, DDS
Before I understood the concept of complete care and principles of occlusal stability, outcomes for my larger cases were subpar at best. I wasn’t able to provide the type of dentistry that I wanted: long-term, stable, and beautiful results.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Dental hygienist working in ‘hygiene hell’
12/13/2018 Team Troubleshooter
QUESTION: I’ve worked with this office for nine years and I was never double booked, but the last few months the schedule has changed. We now have patients scheduled every 30 minutes, whether it’s a perio maintenance or a prophylaxis
Myth busters for dental assistants: Is dental assisting really a dead-end job?
12/12/2018 Tija Hunter, EFDA, CDIA, MADA, CDA
There was a time in my career when I actually believed that dental assisting was a dead-end career. There is no truth to that myth. Let me tell you my story to make my point.
Dentist HQ Newsletter Archive
12/9/2018 Dentist HQ Editorial Team
Browse DentistHQ Newletters. All current and past Newsletters listed here by date.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Pay for dental office manager agreed upon, paid, then abruptly decreased
12/6/2018 Team Troubleshooter
Do you have a problem or concern on the job? Sometimes people are just too close to a situation to solve something themselves.
How real dentists conquer real stress
12/5/2018 Jen Butler
You are not alone. In the 2015 Dentist Well-Being Survey report by the American Dental Association, 2,122 dentists described their stress levels and triggers.
Help! Why does my hygiene schedule have so many holes?
11/18/2018 Julie Whiteley, BS, RDH
Industry standards and experience tell us that there are more failed appointments in the hygiene column than in the doctor’s column. Open chair time is costly to a dental practice and in turn could also affect the hygienist’s compensation.
Considering a career change to office management? Take note of this professional organization
11/13/2018 Ann-Marie C. DePalma, MEd, RDH, FADIA, FAADH
According to the ADHA, there are a number of professional roles of the dental hygienist—clinician, public health, corporate, researcher, educator, entrepreneur, and administrator.
Find your next dental office hire through Facebook
11/2/2018 Jackie Ulasewich
Looking for a new dental team member? Look no further than Facebook. Just when we think they’ve outdone themselves in every way, they introduce the Facebook “Jobs” dashboard.
On stage with evacuation lines: Safety guidance for dental hygienists
10/31/2018 By Patti DiGangi, BS, RDH
Failure to clean evacuation lines daily leads to biofilm growth, a heavy bioburden, and a greater risk of transmission. When debris clogs evacuation lines, not only does this create risk, they don't suck!
Free eBook:  Microcopy’s New Solution to Seating a Crown
10/30/2018 Dental Compare
Adjusting tight interproximal contacts when seating a restoration such as a crown, bridge, implant, inlay, onlay, or almost any other prosthesis, can be difficult and time consuming.
Buyers Guide: Dental Loupes
10/29/2018 Dr. Jeff Rohde, DDS, MS
In the field of dentistry, we work in a small dark hole constantly closes up and fills with liquid, on even smaller objects that require precision down to the micron level. The good news is that we have a tool for that!
Buyers Guide: Finishing and Polishing
10/29/2018 Dr. Jeff Rohde, DDS, MS
Your techniques for finishing and polishing restorations are more important than ever. A smoother filling will result in a happier patient. Plus, a properly polished restoration will be less likely to build up stain over time.
Buyers Guide: Dental Curing Lights
10/29/2018 Dr. Jeff Rohde, DDS, MS
Curing Lights Get Better With the Shift to LEDs. No matter how many improvements we see in bonding technology, one piece of equipment is essential to making it all happen: the dental curing light.
Buyers Guide: Intraoral Cameras
10/28/2018 Dr. Jeff Rohde, DDS, MS
The intraoral camera has more than once been referred to as a tool more useful than a dental handpiece. While there are many reasons to use one, here are the top five uses that make this an indispensable part of your treatment room.
Buyers Guide: Dental Composites
10/27/2018 Dr. Jeff Rohde, DDS, MS
Dental composite fillings continue to increase in popularity, partially due to patient demand for something tooth-colored, but the materials continue to improve and often outperform traditional direct filling materials.
Buyers Guide: Digital Panoramic X-rays
10/27/2018 Dr. Jeff Rohde, DDS, MS
The panoramic x-ray has been around for decades. In recent years, digital versions of the classic format have allowed us to obtain images with improved clarity while exposing patients to less radiation.
Buyers Guide: Cone Beam 3D Imaging
10/26/2018 Dr. Jeff Rohde, DDS, MS
Cone Beam CT is arguably one of the most incredible advances the entire dental profession has seen in the last few decades. Put simply, Cone Beam CT allows you to see more.
Buyers Guide: Dental Handpieces
10/25/2018 Dr. Jeff Rohde, DDS, MS
Your highspeed dental handpiece may be one of the most important tools in your office. We have seen some amazing advances, especially the improvements in electric handpieces.
Buyers Guide: Digital Impression Systems
10/24/2018 Dr. Jeff Rohde, DDS, MS
Switching over to digital impressions can seem like a tremendous hurdle, but you'll find the accuracy and efficiency of these systems to be superior to your current workflow.
Buyers Guide: Diode Lasers
10/23/2018 Dr. Jeff Rohde, DDS, MS
Diode lasers use a small diode chip, very similar to what can be found in LED lighting. As current is applied, light is released from the diode in one particular wavelength.
Case Study: Phasing restorative dental treatment - helpful for dentists and patients
10/22/2018 Dr. Zachary Sisler
Dr. Zachary Sisler presents a case study to illustrate the benefits that the underutilized concept of phasing restorative dental treatment can offer to both patients and dentists.
The ultimate dental marketing plan: 23 steps to 147% more patients
10/22/2018 By Joy Gendusa
I interviewed many of my dental clients, both dentists and their marketing managers, who succeeded at consistently growing their monthly new-patient counts and revenues. I learned that many of them followed a sequence of steps.
Dental hygienists and musculoskeletal disorders
10/18/2018 Anika Dietrich, Ashley Littlewood, and Annie Luck
Ironically, there is a high prevalence of a preventable disorders among the dental hygiene profession. 92% of practicing dental hygienists have previously experienced musculoskeletal pain related to the practice of dental hygiene.
Offering the personal touch in your dental practice
10/18/2018 By Shaz Memon
Digital technology has arguably homogenized the consumer experience so much so that it has forever reshaped the way we access services and buy merchandise
Saving teeth: Changing the hopeless prognosis with new technology
10/9/2018 Scott Froum, DDS
Classically, a tooth that was affected with greater than 50% bone loss was given a questionable to hopeless prognosis.
Case Study: Visual scaling and root planing compared to surgical pocket reduction
10/9/2018 Nicole Fortune, MBA, RDH
Traditionally, the most predictable treatment for moderate to advanced periodontal disease has been surgical pocket reduction, or flap surgery. Periodontal surgery with added bone regenerative materials is highly effective and predictable.
Don't say it - the word dental hygienist recruiters hear every day
10/4/2018 Andrea Kowalczyk, BS, RDH
As a dental hygiene recruiter, nearly all the candidates whom I interview tell me they are "team players" and "want to work with a strong team." The word "team" has been so overused to describe a practice’s staff that it's lost any useful meaning.
Thursday Troubleshooter: What’s a good goal for recalls in a dental office?
9/27/2018 Team Troubleshooter
QUESTION: Our office has one person dedicated to recall. How many recall appointments should the office expect to be scheduled in that time frame?
Video Dental Concepts announces MobileX handheld intraoral x-ray system
9/25/2018 Posted by DentistryIQ Editors
Video Dental Concepts has expanded its portfolio of imaging solutions with the new MobileX handheld intraoral x-ray system, which is designed to offer dental professionals reliability and efficiency.
9/11/2018 DentistryIQ Editors
Hu-Friedy has announced the release of the Hu-Friedy Waterline Filter, created to help dental practices continuously deliver clean water to patients.
How to travel the country as a dental hygienist
8/8/2018 Zachary Kulsrud
Dentistry has changed a great deal in the past 30 years—and so have dental hygienists.
Instagram: seeing is believing, the art of successful engagement
8/8/2018 Shaz Memon - Creative Director, Digimax
Instagram has taken the world by storm over the last few years, statistics showing it boasts more than 500 million daily users. However, very few businesses know the best ways to reach out to as many potential customers as possible.
8/2/2018 Gunz Dental Insight
With the new R-PILOTTM, endodontic specialist VDW offers the first motor-driven glide path instrument
8/1/2018 Gunz Dental Insight
The EDDY Tip was launched by Gunz Dental in late 2017 as a solution to the limitations of ultrasonic activation and manual irrigation.
Canker sores: An old enemy facing new treatment
8/1/2018 Scott Froum, DDS
Initial onset of aphthous ulcers, also called canker sores, usually occurs in childhood or early adulthood.
How a faucet of blood after a simple extraction changed my approach to surgery for the better
7/20/2018 Stacey L. Simmons, DDS
Dr. Stacey Simmons recounts a personal experience where a simple 11-second tooth extraction transformed into a 30-minute we-can't-stop-the-bleeding crisis.
Hygiene protocol for full-arch All-on-4 fixed bridges
6/27/2018 John A. Hodges, DDS, FICOI
Dr. John A. Hodges says there seems to be a wide spectrum as to how clinicians treat patients after their final All-on-4 bridge is delivered.
Dental practice fraud: Beyond the red flags
6/26/2018 Jean Patterson, CPA, CFE
The association of Certified Fraud Examiners has just released its Report to the Nations: 2018 Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse.
6/12/2018 Gunz Dental Insight
With the advancements in Endodontics and technologies, root canal treatment is becoming easier, more time efficient and more patient friendly.
Handling dental patient cancellations and no-shows
5/17/2018 Dentistry IQ
There are ways to discourage dental patients from cancelling and becoming no-shows, and ways to handle those who repeatedly do not make their dental appointments.
RDH refuses to wear gloves while carrying dirty cassettes or dentures
4/26/2018 Team Troubleshooter
This dental professional is concerned about infection control in her practice. An RDH refuses to wear gloves sometimes, and the dentist will not confront her with the problem. What can be done?
Using a Dental Laser to Prep Multiple Teeth Without Local Anesthesia
1/2/2018 Dr. Heath Brantley
The patient presented with rampant decay on anterior teeth. He had not been to the dentist in more than 10 years.
Free eBook: Track These Key Performance Indicators to Help Your Dental Practice Thrive
9/17/2017 Dental Compare
In the operatory you know exactly what you are looking at, and more importantly, what you are looking for.
8/22/2017 Lee Ann Brady
I recently watched a curator journal from my friend Dr. Chris Catalano on Restorative Nation about the many roles the tongue plays in oral health and breathing.
6/6/2017 Gunz Dental Insight
Luxation injuries. Crown fractures. Knocked out teeth.
GentleWave Procedure: Today's Alternative to Standard Root Canal Treatment
3/3/2017 dentistrytoday
Sonendo’s GentleWave Procedure is today's alternative to standard root canal treatment. Watch this video now to see the GentleWave System in action.
5 steps to creating a stronger dental team
5/2/2016 Dentistry IQ
While you may have terrific dental team members, how can you make them even stronger? A great dental team helps the practice thrive. Here are some tips to developing a consistently strong team.
3/29/2016 Heather King
To me there’s nothing more daunting than sitting down in front of a blank Word document or content calendar.
How Your Dental Practice Can Benefit from Cloud Imaging
2/25/2016 Renee Knight
Cloud-based Imaging allows you to access your patient information from wherever you choose, 24/7. It also provides you with safe, secure data backup so you never have to worry about losing patient data during a system crash.
Dental Geek Interview with Dr. Chris Salierno, Chief Editor of Dental Economics
11/11/2014 The Dental Geek
Our editorial team was delighted to welcome Dr. Chris Salierno, the new Chief Editor of Dental Economics into the Dental Geek studio
Case Study: The Importance of an Accurate Diagnosis
1/16/2015 Dr. Jeff Rohde, DDS, MS
One of the hardest parts of dentistry is in the diagnosis. Not just deciding what you would like to do to a tooth, I mean the critically important step of determining why that tooth needs something.
New Dental Product: SureSmile Clear Aligner Solution
9/20/2018 Sirona
The SureSmile Clear Aligner Solution were introduced at Dentsply Sirona World in Orlando. These are produced based on a digital impression scan and 2D or 3D imaging, according to a press release.

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