Introducing OrthoEd Mini Masters, the most in-depth and trusted Orthodontic course for Dentists in Australia today
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Pekkton® ivory Exclusive high-performance polymer by Cendres+Métaux
The high-performance polymer Pekkton® ivory is a solution for a permanent aesthetic restoration on implants. Resembling human bone, Pekkton® ivory convinces with simple biomechanical integration in the mouth.
Lightweight Loupes and Lights Designed for Comfort and Fashion
Eclipse Loupes offers several styles of frames, including different styles from Ray-Ban, designed to stand out in any operatory.
Ceramic Resin Cement Offered in Single-Dose Blister Pack
VOCO’s Ceramic Bond ceramic and resin cement coupling agent is now available in a single-dose blister pack, improving speed, hygiene, and convenience in treatment, the company reports.
ACTIVA BioACTIVE-CEMENT from Pulpdent Corporation
ACTIVA BioACTIVE-CEMENT is ideal for all crown and bridge materials, including zirconia, CAD/CAM, lithium disilicate, PFMs, and glass ceramic materials.
ScanPeg with Esthetic Healing Abutments
Neoss® Esthetic Healing Abutments offer a complete range of anatomically-shaped PEEK healing abutments with a dedicated ScanPeg, for simplified and accurate single tooth intra-oral scanning.
KaVo Kerr introduces Take 1 Retraction Paste
KaVo Kerr has introduced Take 1 Retraction Paste, a new minimally invasive paste that promotes moisture control and hemostasis while temporarily retracting gingival tissues, eliminating the need to purchase extra accessories.
Activa Bioactive: A 6-year update
In this interview with Pulpdent's Fred Berk, we ask about the challenges that Activa Bioactive has faced in the last 6 years, its successes, as well as what's on the horizon for bioactive products.
Comparing Zirconia CAD/CAM Materials
Zirconia discs are a mainstay in most dental labs, with the advent of new furnaces. Here's a side by side look at some of the zirconia options available to dental laboratories and practices.
Portable Digital Impression Systems
Digital impression systems continue to make their transition from high-tech clinical concept toward chairside CAD/CAM systems, providing a more efficient and accurate impression process.
Comparison: Cone Beam Systems with Multiple Fields of View
Dental cone beam imaging continues to change the ways dentists can diagnose, educate and plan treatment for patients, capable of capturing highly detailed 3D x-rays.
Featured Products: Digital Intraoral X-ray Systems
Before considering what digital intraoral x-ray system to purchase for your practice, it is important to understand how much more powerful every digital system is over traditional film x-rays.
Compare Stylish Diode Lasers
Dental diode lasers can reduce healing times and make the procedures less invasive for patients. Most diodes are small, table-top devices that can easily fit on the counter in an operatory.
Digital X-ray Sensors with Unique Attributes
Capable of capturing the intraoral x-rays that are a part of many hygiene and treatment appointments, sensors offer better images than film while taking less time and reducing radiation exposure.
Wall-Mounted Digital Panoramic Imaging Systems
These imaging systems are great for getting a baseline of a patient's complete mouth at the first appointment and can be used to check up on changes, as well as for diagnostics and treatment planning.
Dental Lasers for Both Hard and Soft Tissues
A variety of hard/soft tissue lasers can provide a practice with the ability to use the technology for less traumatic hard tissue procedures on enamel and dentin.
Low Radiation Digital X-ray Sensors
Digital sensors are more efficient and faster to use, can offer larger and more diagnostic images, eliminate the need to develop film. They also require significantly less radiation, something patients definitely care about.
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Introducing OrthoEd Mini Masters, the most in-depth and trusted Orthodontic course for Dentists in Australia today