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A simplified approach to cementation of bonded restorations
Dentists can now provide natural-looking bonded restorations quickly and easily. Dr. Daniel Vasquez presents a clinical case demonstrating how he saved treatment time and cleanup costs.
Diagnosis for BC oral pathology case No. 44: Something to sleep on...
Dr. Erin Elliott has a diagnosis for the dark, radiolucent lesion she found on the lower right jaw, anterior to the angle of the mandible, of her 61-year-old patient. This defect does not require treatment; only monitoring.
Diagnosis for BC oral pathology case No. 43: The pathology with multiple manifestations
Dr. Stacey Gividen explains the relationship between lesions on a patient’s oral mucosa and the skin on the patient's arms. The etiology of the lesions is thought to be caused by genetics and/or autoimmune disorders.
BC oral pathology case No. 43: The pathology with multiple manifestations
In Dr. Stacey Gividen’s oral pathology case, a patient presents with painful/burning lesions in her mouth and numerous “bumps” on her body and arms. She wonders if there could be any relationship between the two.
How good communication leads to our best clinical work in dentistry
Effective communication lies within the art of dentistry. It builds trust with patients so dentists can do their best clinical work. Dr. Joseph Rosenwald outlines the process he used to effectively diagnose and treat his patient.
Are dentists prescribing too many unnecessary antibiotics?
In-depth study shows 80% of patients were prescribed “unnecessary” antibiotics according to evidence-based guidelines for antibiotic prophylaxis. Thomas Viola takes a closer look.
Diamonds may last forever, but those fillings won’t
The dental work failed due to “provider error and poor placement of the original filling”—not because her daughter bit into an apple with compromised teeth. Oh, Houston...!
How to confidently address tooth-wear issues: A systematic approach to achieve function & esthetics
A patient with extreme wear issues does not want dentures. Dr. Stephen Hoard outlines a way to treat such cases that results in beautiful, highly functional, lasting solutions.
Supragingival Dentistry: A Practical Paradigm Shift
The demand for more aesthetic restorations has pushed the dental manufacturers to successive rapid advances in technology. As dentists, we are constantly seeking more conservative, simple, and practical techniques to restore teeth.
Augmented Reality Lets Clinicians “See” Their Patients’ Pain
Many patients, especially those who are anesthetized or emotionally challenged, cannot communicate precisely about their pain.
Digital or analog: The concept of complete dentistry is the same
OVER THE LAST 10 YEARS, I have gained a lot of experience in digital dentistry by using many of the popular intraoral scanners, mills, and 3-D printers.
Not on my watch!
A new patient presents with generalized Class II periodontal disease and multiple restorative needs. And she’s in orthodontics treatment using clear aligners.
Diagnosis for BC oral pathology case No. 41: The lesion that never changed
Dr. Stacey Gividen explains how she diagnosed an s-/oval-shaped lesion that revealed no signs of change in shape, size, or location over a six-year period.
Bone grafting after tooth removal: Why, when, and what to use
Dr. Scott Froum discusses tooth extraction prevalence in the US and offers a decision matrix to clarify when bone grafting is needed and the best type of material for site preservation.
Oral Bacterial DNA Found in Cerebral Emboli of Stroke Patients
The cerebral emboli of stroke patients include DNA from oral pathogens, according to researchers at Tampere University in Finland.
Researchers Discover Signaling Pathway in Biofilm Formation
Primary surface proteins reach out into the environment. When the paired surface proteins SspAB are present, processing enzymes cleave the proteins to produce peptides—termed C-pep—in the cell membrane.
The strange things you see in dental sleep medicine
Dr. Nancy Addy says dentists who practice in the field of dental sleep medicine must be prepared for anything because every patient is unique.
Fractured dental implant screw complications: 3 methods for screw retrieval
Dental implant screw loosening and fracture complications can be as high as 45% over a 10-year period.
Promote Oral Cancer Awareness This April
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) is offering dental practices resources to promote and conduct screenings, which may save a life.
BC oral pathology case 40: The 'empty' lesion
Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry presents the oral pathology case of a 14-year-old male with a lesion on the anterior mandible first seen on periapical x-rays his general dentist took.
Dental pain: Predicting postoperative pain prior to the procedure
While one cannot predict which dental patients will experience postoperative pain and which will not, Dr. Scott Froum distills the top five preoperative factors and patient characteristics
From chair to lab: Things dentists do that make lab techs' jobs more challenging
There are certain kinds of Post-it notes that I don’t like getting on my desk, and some of my least favorites are the ones with messages like this: “CALL THE LAB ... they have a question about a patient's crown/bridge/denture/implant case.”
These are a few of my favorite (dental) things
Close of the year is a good time to look back and remember our favorite dental things. Here are some of my favorite patient conversations of 2018...or at least how I wish they would have gone!
Predictable esthetics using smile design and a balanced occlusion in centric relation
Before I understood the concept of complete care and principles of occlusal stability, outcomes for my larger cases were subpar at best. I wasn’t able to provide the type of dentistry that I wanted: long-term, stable, and beautiful results.
Case Study: Phasing restorative dental treatment - helpful for dentists and patients
Dr. Zachary Sisler presents a case study to illustrate the benefits that the underutilized concept of phasing restorative dental treatment can offer to both patients and dentists.
Case Study: Visual scaling and root planing compared to surgical pocket reduction
Traditionally, the most predictable treatment for moderate to advanced periodontal disease has been surgical pocket reduction, or flap surgery. Periodontal surgery with added bone regenerative materials is highly effective and predictable.
The 101 on HPV: What health-care providers need to know about the HPV–oral cancer epidemic
Human papillomavirus–related oropharyngeal cancer is now considered an epidemic. As health-care professionals with initial screening methods, we must make the first move to guide our patients with reliable information.
I had to give myself stitches, and now I know how my patients feel
To save myself from sounding like a fool, let's just say it was an accident and the two-inch gash in my leg...
We are one with the microbiome
The goal of periodontal therapy is not to kill as many bacteria as possible, but, rather, to restore the delicate balance between the body and the microbiome.
Smoking, cancer, heart disease, and the oral-systemic link: Where we are with research
Dr. Richard Nagelberg examines the links between smoking, lung cancer, and heart disease, as well as the types of research and studies that established the strength of their credibility over time.
Case Study: BC oral pathology diagnosis 37 - The case of the silent lesion
Dr. Stacey Simmons presented the case of the silent lesion—the 0.5- x 0.5-inch radiopaque mass that had been present in the oral cavity of a 74-year-old patient for at least six years, unbeknownst to the patient
Canker sores: An old enemy facing new treatment
Initial onset of aphthous ulcers, also called canker sores, usually occurs in childhood or early adulthood.
Hygiene protocol for full-arch All-on-4 fixed bridges
Dr. John A. Hodges says there seems to be a wide spectrum as to how clinicians treat patients after their final All-on-4 bridge is delivered.
Introducing OrthoEd Mini Masters, the most in-depth and trusted Orthodontic course for Dentists in Australia today
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