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The practices that invisible DSOs value most
Invisible dental support organizations now quietly own parts of thousands of practices across the country and new IDSOs are being formed every month. This is not a fad. It is accelerating.
Achieving change in the Dental Industry
Major change in any established health profession is a prolonged process. It does not have to be but that is how it is.
The 5 essentials of a superb chairside manner
Due to being shy and introverted, this dentist has trouble "connecting" with patients, and business is suffering as a result. What can be done about this situation?
Are you ready to sell your Dental Practice?
Australia’s population, like most developed countries, is ageing as a result of sustained low fertility and increasing life expectancy. The median age of Australians in 2015 has increased to 37.2 years.
Electric handpieces: Should you invest in an automatic handpiece maintenance machine?
A dental handpiece repair technician explains the pros and cons of automatic handpiece maintenance machines, which can improve performance, protect your investment, and free up staff time.
Emerging DSOs should not grow too quickly
If you want to add more offices, go for it! But before you dive into such a life-changing decision, listen to the dentists who have been there, and who know the problems that can be avoided by making sure your current office is top notch.
Many people, in fact, an average of 12% of patients (1 in 8 adults) suffer from tooth sensitivity.
Search Marketing for Dentists
SEO, PPC, CTR, CPC, SERP, RUSERIOUS? Online marketing for dental practices can be more confusing than ordering a drink at Starbucks.
The DEXIS™ Titanium sensor captures consistent, high-quality images with improved tissue contrast across a broader spectrum of radiation levels, especially at low doses
The bottom line is, if you are considering a 3-D printer, know what you can actually make efficiently in your office and how much you will actually use it.
This month in the Implants Today section, we are focused on dental implant-adjacent soft-tissue considerations.
Modern Cavity Preparations
Around 1896, Dr. G.V. Black published a standardized set of cavity preparations for amalgam.
Electric handpieces: Protecting your investment (part 2)
A handpiece repair technician explains the proper way to maintain an electric handpiece to protect your investment and your patients.
Dentists have a love hate relationship with Class II composites. Love them when your composites looks and perform like a tooth.
We didn’t have TIME: A really interesting story I hope you never become part of
I truly hope this will never be your story.
Treating Peri-implantitis
Treatment for peri-implantitis using traditional methods has been marginal at best.
Treating the Congenitally Deficient Smile
Congenitally missing teeth are quite common in the adult population, being found on average in about 6.5% of individuals and with little to no change in those statistics over the past century.
CBCT Guided Surgery: Accurate, Predictable, and Economical
As technology advances, patient treatments advance too. The advent and continual development of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machines and guided surgery continue to provide clinicians with incredible tools to optimize patient care.
Correction of extremely dark anterior teeth
Anterior tooth discoloration continues to be an aesthetic concern and a major source of embarrassment for patients.
Apical Lesions: Diagnostic Considerations
“My dentist saw a dark spot on the x-ray.” This statement is commonly heard from patients in endodontic offices on a routine basis.
Intraoral viral lesions are a common occurrence in the dental practice and may be of herpes simplex virus (HSV) or human papillomavirus (HPV) origin.
086 Running a Specialized Practice and Using Social Media with Dr. David Wong
Sully, Peyray, and Dr. Rick Sullivan are joined today by Dr. David Wong. Dr. Wong is a periodontist from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
How Does the Gunz Dental Teeth Whitening Range Help You to Build Your Practice?
Gunz Dental has been leading the way in Take Home and In-Office Tooth Whitening solutions for dental professionals for over 25 years.
Practice Readiness Part 2
If you want to succeed in selling your practice, Practice Readiness – being thoroughly prepared – is absolutely essential.
The Clinical Hacks on Dentures (CHP08)
The Clinical Hacks had to reach out for help talking about dentures.
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
How to perform dentistry faster, easier, higher in quality and lower in cost.
12 years in temps ... placed on implants
Find out what happens when a patient presents to Dr. Stacey Gividen with broken provisionals that were placed on implants ... placed 12 years ago. Yes, you read that right!
How are reduced-fee plans affecting your profit margin?
Should you take dental insurance? How much of a hit to your profit will you take? In this video, Drs. Greg Winteregg and Chris Salierno will shed some light on what really happens when you sign on for a reduced-fee plan.
10 questions to test your understanding of infection control requirements
The most dreaded words any student can hear are “pop quiz.”
Oral Microbiome Communities Follow a Pattern Through Childhood
Researchers at the Ohio State University College of Dentistry found consistent patterns by using high-throughput 16S rRNA gene sequencing to examine the oral microbiome of 252 children
Protein Flaw Leads to Amelogenesis Imperfecta
Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have shown how a tiny flaw in a protein results in damaged enamel that is prone to decay.
Protocol Addresses Jaw Deformities Caused by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
A proposed protocol emphasizes collaboration between healthcare disciplines to treat patients with jaw deformities caused by juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), a serious form of arthritis affecting the jaw joints of children.
Review Highlights Strategies for Reducing Sugary Beverage Consumption
Sugary drinks can cause tooth decay as well as systemic health issues like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease
085 How One Passionate Teacher Changed Frank Spear’s Life and the Profession of Dentistry
We are so excited to have the one and only amazing Dr. Frank Spear on the show today.
Justin recently had a chance to visit with “The Lab Guys” Danny Vasquez, Jeff Heffington and Eric Smyrniotis in Studio 1-A in Scottsdale, Arizona. Enjoy the new episode, filled with actual content! Cheers!
Efficient Workflow for Guided Implant Surgery
Synopsis: Dr. Riley Clark hosts this informative CE course and discusses the complete workflow for guided implant surgery.
In this entertaining talk Dr. Jason Luchtefeld shares some of the problems with the lack of critical thinking skills in dentistry.
Undetected Diabetes Linked to Periodontitis and Heart Attacks
People with undetected glucose disorders run a higher risk of both myocardial infarction and periodontitis, according to researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden
New Dental Product: A-dec 500 Dental Chair and Delivery System
A-dec recently introduced the A-dec 500 dental chair and delivery system.
Childhood Trauma Linked With Later Tooth Loss
Adverse events in childhood such as trauma, abuse, and even smoking may lead to a greater risk of tooth loss later in life, according to researchers at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research.
Unique White Blood Cells Indicate Onset of Inflammatory Diseases
Researchers at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry have discovered something about neutrophils
Snowflakes Explain How Enamel Forms
Physicists and mathematicians use the classical Stefan problem to explain the principles of crystal formation, such as snowflakes.
Treating patients with special needs is fulfilling
New York — Dr. Chelsea Fosse knew she wanted to work with patients with special needs even before she enrolled in dental school.
The Top 25 Endodontic Products of 2019
Dentistry Today presents its ninth annual Readers’ Choice Top 25 Endodontic Products, selected on the basis of lead generation, representing some of the profession’s most innovative technologies.
Dental painkiller prescriptions are leading to teenage addiction
Recent studies conducted by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) and the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) have shown that there is an increased risk for opioid addiction in teenagers and young adults
As the leader of your dental practice, are you in control?
Dr. Roger Levin says that many dentists believe they are in control of their practices. But they may actually need to ask a few questions and take a close look at their leadership styles.
Studies reporting on the application of digital bite registration for fully edentulous patients rehabilitated with dental implants are scarce.
Dr. Jihyon Kim shares her thoughts and perspectives on why our techniques for placing direct composite dentistry needs to change. For more, read her full interview.
Airway: Why Can’t I Get My Orthodontist On Board?
ACT Dental Episode #212: Airway: Why Can’t I Get My Orthodontist On Board? With Dr. Jeff Rouse.
Using Dental Memes to Educate Patients on Social Media
This post will be very short! Earlier today, a dentist friend posted a dental meme on Facebook
Glidewell Dental Launches Guiding Leaders for Women in Dentistry
Glidewell Dental recently launched Guiding Leaders, a leadership development program that empowers women to become influential voices in dentistry.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Handling dental patients who are under the influence
This dental team member dismissed a patient who was under the influence, but the dentist isn't supporting her decision.
3 Factors for Patient Comfort During Anesthetic Injections
Like any dentist with 43 years of experience, Dr. Howard S. Glazer has updated his practice with new techniques and technologies.
Hope for private practice dentistry
Bryan Brenner, DDS, understands how graduating dental students can find the prospect of going into private practice daunting.
Highlights from the 35th annual American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry scientific meeting
Dr. Alisa Neymark recounts highlights from the recent AACD meeting. Biomimetic dentistry is on the vanguard of new advances, and much more attention will be paid to this discipline in the future.
Antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with breast implants prior to dental procedures
Dr. Scott Froum and Brittany Wall discuss the etiology of early- and late-stage breast implant infection as it relates to dental procedures
The RF Bleeding Index: A better way to detect active interproximal gum disease?
This article is to introduce a possible better method of evaluating the intactness or health of the interproximal sulcular epithelium, the RF Bleeding Index technique.
Childhood Oral Infections Mean Greater Adulthood Atherosclerosis Risks
“The observation is novel, since there are no earlier follow-up studies on childhood oral infections and the risk of cardiovascular diseases,”
Single tooth dentistry vs. full mouth considerations
When we're discussing single tooth dentistry versus comprehensive or full mouth dentistry, the first thing I think that needs to be determined is, can we treat this person with single tooth dentistry?
You know how to get people to click on your article? Here are a couple of rules:
Why do we ask “Has your jaw ever locked open or closed?”
Why do we ask for the patient’s TMJ history as a part of our complete exam? Particularly, why do we ask a history of open or closed lock?
Top 3 career needs for new dentists
There are many factors to consider when determining how and where you’ll practice after graduation. No matter which career path you chose,
AAT Publishes Revised Guidelines for Oral-Systemic Thermography
The American Academy of Thermology (AAT) has published revised guidelines for oral-systemic thermography to aid in the performance of dental-systemic health infrared imaging in evaluating patients
Transitioning out of or into practice ownership is one of the most consequential life and career decisions a dentist can make.
The 10 most useful apps for dentists
There are many great apps that can help modern dentists gain efficiency and effectiveness in running their dental practices. To give you some ideas about how apps can improve your practice,
3 tools to reduce student debt and thrive financially
I remember looking at my student loans and feeling as though I would never pay them off. I went to a private school that averaged $35,000 per semester.
Should new dentists work for a DSO or private practice?
Corporations and small businesses are close to polar opposites of each other.
Questioning periodontal disease dogma
We think we have this periodontal disease thing figured out—it’s a local infection with systemic effects, right? Then, along comes Dr. Richard Nagelberg saying, “What if it is the other way around?”
How this dentist’s deep dive into his personality and practice opened a whole new world
Early in my career, I admit that I focused too much on the “numbers” and financial side of my practice.
A dental picture that's worth thousands of dollars, literally
TAKE A LOOK AT THESE PICTURES immediately above and below this paragraph. They are photos of the same teeth. Can you tell a difference?
Carestream Dental CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner
New enhancements to the CS 3600 intraoral scanner’s acquisition software take the technology from smart to genius.
Oral Bacteria Linked With More Aggressive Pancreatic Tumors
The presence of oral bacteria in so-called cystic pancreatic tumors is associated with the severity of the tumor, according to researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.
Restorative Material Designed for Reliable Light Curing
VOCO’s newest addition to the GrandioSO family—GrandioSO x-tra—is a truly aesthetic, packable, bulk-fill, nanohybrid restorative material, the company reports.
Is now the time to start your own dental practice?
The idea of owning and running a business can be daunting. You are not only a dental provider, you are also a business owner.
Unsupervised dentistry: Dentist buddy-buddies, fixing 'gum decay,' and DIY ortho aligners—say what?!
Dr. Stacey Simmons goes undercover, pretending to be a potential customer for a DIY orthodontics company. She shares snippets of her conversation (everything you need to know about "gum decay" and buddies!)
Random thoughts about periodontal stuff
Dr. Richard Nagelberg challenges us with more concepts about how we and the bacteria that reside in and on our bodies are inextricably linked, relying on each other for survival.
Chemical disinfectants used in healthcare environments eliminate a wide range of bacteria; however they do not destroy or kill spores.
Why, what, and how we help our dental patients accept treatment
Our dental team is a bit unique. We have three doctors and five administrators, and each have a specific role.
So today I went to take a Centric Relation bite record for a patient so we could fabricate an occlusal appliance.
Netflix’s ‘Root Cause’ is dumb, but is it also dangerous?
The First Amendment states that Congress shall make no law “. . .abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press . . .” and I will protect that American right with all of my heart. However, there are some limitations to that freedom of speech.
What Is An Autoclave?
Working under pressure is no fun. But if you’re an autoclave, you work best under pressure. In fact, you only work under high-pressure conditions.
Why salivary diagnostics for dental practices?
Salivary diagnostics can play an important role in helping us produce high quality outcomes for patients and create awareness of their oral-systemic risk factors.
Preventing The Spread Of Infection In Dental Practices
There is currently a silent battle in every healthcare environment all over the world: the war against micro-organisms.
How to keep your pregnant patients smiling
Pregnancy can have a significant impact on the oral health and well-being of an expectant mother, making maintaining proper dental hygiene and dental checkups important while pregnant.
It wasn’t long ago that the cause of illness was a complete mystery. Striking anyone randomly at any time, disease inflicted terrible pain, fever, and often led to death.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Some dental staff given vacation while others denied
QUESTION: I work in an office where the assistants and front office get some paid time off, but the hygienists do not get any PTO. Someone told me this is illegal.
Debunking myths about in-house dental membership programs
You’ve likely heard the buzz about in-house membership programs. These programs can take your dental practice to the next level, helping to secure and generate long-term income while allowing you to provide the best services to your patients.
Product review: SDI Riva Star silver diamine fluoride with potassium iodide solution
“Mom, you lost a filling!” I said. “How did that happen? What am I going to do now?” asked my mom from her wheelchair.
Prisyna launches Moisyn rinse for dry mouth
Prisyna, the oral care division of Synedgen, has announced the market launch of Moisyn Rinse for the relief of xerostomia.
Voco introduces Meron Plus QM resin-modified glass ionomer cement in QuickMix syringe
Voco has introduced Meron Plus QM, a paste-to-paste resin-modified glass ionomer cement in Voco’s QuickMix syringe.
Dentists: Who’s watching you? Ask for honest feedback from your staff
The idea of someone watching everything you do might make you nervous. But consider this: 100% of Fortune 500 CEOs have a board of directors telling them what they think of their performances and how they can improve.
Millennial dentists are not lazy or entitled
Every now and then I hear more senior dentists make some grand generalizations about new dentists and dental students.
The ultimate dental marketing plan: 23 steps to 147% more patients
If you're looking for a dental marketing plan article that is comprehensive, all-inclusive, and based on facts and real results from dental practices all around the country, you're in the right place.
Diagnosis for BC oral pathology case No. 38: The 'harmless-looking' white lip lesion that got ignore
Malignant lesions can be confusing to diagnose without a biopsy, because some—such as leukoplakia and squamous cell carcinoma—share etiologic factors.
How a peewee basketball game could change your dental business
At a recent peewee basketball game, I saw a great example of business instincts in action. The funny thing is, the seven-year-old players had a better grasp of business principles than many people in our field.
'I saw tadpoles on that patient's x-ray'
Teaching opportunities are endless. Dentists are teachers and students every day, and as the dental profession continues to advance, clinical skills must improve also.
Hygiene production as percentage of total production
Do you know how much your practice depends on your work? Imagine working in a dental practice and not knowing the practice fees.
Saving teeth: Changing the hopeless prognosis with new technology
Classically, a tooth that was affected with greater than 50% bone loss was given a questionable to hopeless prognosis.
The Trend Setting Technologies Driving Dentistry’s Future
It’s no secret that advances in a wide range of technologies are changing the way dental practices are run and patients are treated.
Your Patients Benefit When You Invest In Your Practice
It’s time to understand how investing in your patients will be both monetary and emotionally rewarding to you and your practice.
The EDDY Tip was launched by Gunz Dental in late 2017 as a solution to the limitations of ultrasonic activation and manual irrigation.
How a faucet of blood after a simple extraction changed my approach to surgery for the better
Dr. Stacey Simmons recounts a personal experience where a simple 11-second tooth extraction transformed into a 30-minute we-can't-stop-the-bleeding crisis.
Using a Dental Laser to Prep Multiple Teeth Without Local Anesthesia
The patient presented with rampant decay on anterior teeth. He had not been to the dentist in more than 10 years.
Luxation injuries. Crown fractures. Knocked out teeth.
GentleWave Procedure: Today's Alternative to Standard Root Canal Treatment
Sonendo’s GentleWave Procedure is today's alternative to standard root canal treatment. Watch this video now to see the GentleWave System in action.
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