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Thursday Troubleshooter: Is it proper to alter amount in dental patients’ accounts after billing?
This dental team member has been instructed to change the amount billed in patients' ledgers. She's concerned there might be a problem with this.
Keep more of what you produce in your dental practice
Dentists often hesitate to ask patients to pay at the time of their appointments, or increase their fees, or start big cases sooner rather than later. Dr. Roger Levin says taking these steps will help you keep more of what you work hard to earn.
Is there a gap between sales and operations? Yes, and it needs to be bridged
After 20-plus years in dental, Matt Newman is still looking for ways to help sales and operations create synergy. There are many things each needs to realize about the other so that everyone can just get along, and be profitable.
Why are soft skills important at work?
It’s no secret that interpersonal skills are the next big thing in HR. In layman terms, soft skills will most likely define the future.
Algorithm vs Human Instinct
I have never met anyone who deliberately set out to hire the wrong person for the job. In fact, everyone wants to have the best people in the right positions.
How to respond to a negative online review
There is something about getting a bad online review that cuts right down to the deepest portion of our souls.
How to calculate ROI for dental technology
Dr. Chris Salierno reminds dentists they don't have to rely on their instincts to make big investment and technology decisions. Calculating an ROI formula can work wonders in determining how a practice's dollars should be spent. Get started now.
Setting realistic goals for your dental team members
Setting and meeting practice goals is a team effort. AADOM founder Heather Colicchio says dental office managers often lead these efforts in motivating team members and providing mentors for those who are learning.
The hidden value of structured onboarding for your dental practice
Having a plan in place when training your dental employees will make the process move along smoothly and more efficiently.
Your Front office team should look for opportunities before they look at numbers
This dental office manager tells his peers that it's important to track the "health" of the practice. When Greg Prince's practice faced challenges, the team worked together to tackle them head-on, and they've found profits and strong systems.
Thursday Troubleshooter: How many people are needed to run the front office smoothly?
The front office is feeling a bit crowded to this dental office manager, who believes she can handle this small practice's front office single-handedly. But, can she really?
Net Promoter Score (NPS) the new ‘percentage of collections’: How to compensate employee dentists
Compensating employee dentists with a percentage of their collections is great for employer dentists but bad for patients, explains Dr. Marc Schlenoff, since it prioritizes quantity over quality. Here are ideas for how to handle compensation.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Coworker driving hygienist crazy with her constant gabbing
This dental hygienist has tried many tactics to let her coworker know she doesn't want to listen to her small talk, but she is not picking up on the signals. What can she do?
Thursday Troubleshooter: Dentist insists hygienist administer anesthetic illegally
This dental hygienist is extremely uncomfortable that the dentist insists she administers anesthetic when he isn't in the office.
Do you know why your dental patients are sailing away?
There's a reason your patients are bailing on you. And there's a good chance you can't figure out why they're leaving. Here's what patients have to say.
Protecting against the perils of dental patient data breaches
This pattern of data breaches is very concerning for dental practices, which are charged with protecting people’s most sensitive information. What can practices do to protect themselves against this growing problem?
HR Questions for Dentists: Advertising via car stickers; Paying for meetings
There are lots of moving parts when it comes to running a dental office, and dentists have many questions. These HR experts address a variety of topics to help dentists run their offices smoothly and legally.
Will 3-D printed dentures save our profit margins?
Dr. Salierno has been closely following the evolution of 3-D printing in dentistry and is happy to report that, while still years away from printing ceramic restorations, dentists can currently improve workflows and margins with dentures.
Your best investment or your worst? Tools for onboarding new employees in the dental practice
A consultant and dental hygienist shares what she has learned about successful onboarding in the dental practice from her work with numerous doctors and teams. She also recommends tools practice owners can use to better understand their employees.
Understanding profit in the dental practice
To run a business successfully, it's important to understand the financial aspects. Here's a quick guide to understanding your profits.
Simple strategies for improving your online reputation
It's important for dentists to monitor their online reputations (reviews) regularly so that people looking for a new dentist will find generally positive reviews. This dentist shares how he does this.
How to finance a dental practice
Dentists need to have a solid direction when it comes to financing their dental practice, whether it's for a new office or updating the existing one.
Here’s how dental staff conflict is costing you patients
Are your team members driving away patients due to their disagreements? Ideally the dentist-boss needs to prevent conflict in the first place, but when it does occur, it needs to be taken care of.
To ensure dental patient understanding, say it. Then say it again, and again.
This dental practice administrator's team knows patient communication is extremely important. To get patients to retain what they're told, the team repeats things at least three times.
5 ways to grow your dental practice by texting patients
Texting your patients will not only increase your new patients and keep them coming back, but this leads to a better bottom line. Certain types of texting are HIPAA compliant and easy for everyone.
How to critique a team member
Critiquing your team members is not easy. But as the team leader, these conversations will be necessary. Remember to use positive feedback as well, which leads to better learning.
How are dental fee increases affecting your practice? (Video)
In the latest DE's Recall Visit video, Drs. Chris Salierno and Greg Winteregg discuss fee increases, accepting fewer low-fee plans, and still making a profit.
Turn more callers into new dental patients with call analytics
Most patients contact your dental office by phone before making appointments. In order to make the most of those calls, there are ways to gather statistics so you know where to spend your marketing dollars.
Six Common Mistakes Dental Managers Make
As dental practice managers, we often have internal fears of making huge mistakes related to things like insurance fraud
Thursday Troubleshooter: How to solve bickering between dental assistants and hygienists
This dental hygienist is tired of jealous coworkers, derogatory comments, and staff bickering. What can she do to improve the situation?
5 tips for choosing a dental distribution partner
The relationship with their distribution partner is one of the most important ones that dentists will develop in their careers.
Growing dental practices with a virtual CFO
Just what is a virtual CFO, and will it help your dental practice? Many practices have tried working with this virtual member of the team, and their bottom lines are healthier.
3 things to always do during your case presentations
If you haven't taken the time to develop your case presentation skills, and you actually dread making those presentations, there are ways to improve the situation.
Practice Management Software Builds Referral Networks for Periodontists
The OurPerioTeam cloud-based software platform from SkyDent Technologies is specifically designed to help periodontists expand their referral network
Use Local Business Listings Online to Your Advantage
What’s the first thing people do when they want information about a store, restaurant, or other local service?
Do you have a strategy for your dental practice?
Planning for the future is a very important step for dentists. Setting goals keeps the team motivated and focused. What are your long-term goals? Setting them up is easier than you think.
Top dental marketing trends dentists need to know about
There are a few marketing steps that every dental practice should be taking by now. Are you on board, and are you handling these marketing steps effectively?
Love Thy Patients - Your patient database is one of the most important assets you own!
How you approach patient management can make all the difference to your business. Think you know all about patient management and nurturing? Have a read. I guarantee you will be surprised.
5 reasons new patients aren’t finding your dental practice online
Do you believe your dental practice can be found easily online by potential patients? Think again.
Getting a (Therapy) Dog in the Fight Against Dental Phobia
After experiencing the worst of the worst in childhood dental trauma -- everything from not being given local anesthetic to having teeth drilled with ancient, belt-driven equipment
How to Cut Patient Attrition by 50%
A general practice producing $948,000 contacted Levin Group after it recognized that it was losing far more patients than it should based on a recent article by yours truly.
Remarketing Your Dental Practice on Facebook
You’ve made an investment in your website and marketing and it’s attracting new visitors each month.
Here are some resources to get you serious about marketing your dental practice
Marketing is important, and it's not easy for dental practices. But the 7 Ps of marketing can help guide you in the right direction.
5 ways to text your dental patients
Dental patients appreciate that their dentist reaches out to them in an easy way they know and like. Texting is a popular and effective way to reach patients.
Creating dental partnerships that work
Since dental partnerships are different than many other business partnerships, it's important to know how to make it work well. It's up to the partners to create an environment of success.
How creating a cooperative culture bettered our dental practice
A dental practice culture develops naturally, whether it's planned or not. It's important to make sure that the culture is properly developed through the effort of the entire team.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Should dental front office staff be allowed to wear sandals?
Should the dental front office team be allowed to wear sandals or open-toed shoes?
RDH bothered by staff cleaning with bleach while patients are still in her
This dental hygienist is having a hard time convincing the assistant not to clean with bleach while there are still patients in the chair. It's irritating to patients and to her.
3 keys to make change in your dental practice, without chaos
Change is an important and necessary part of life. But sometimes change in your dental practice can lead to chaos. Here's how to make change more peacefully.
How to make every day a good day in your dental office
It's up to the dental team whether they have a good or bad day when things go wrong. This dental office manager says it's all in the attitude, and she and her team keep their outlooks bright.
New-patient welcome letter
Every dental practice wants to help new patients feel welcome. This letter will explain who they can contact, and make them immediately feel a part of the practice.
Use SMS to Mount a Mobile Testimonial Campaign for Your Dental Office
In a world where people are glued to their cell phones, it’s important for dental practices to leverage mobile engagement.
Most of your business plans are terrible
Face it. Dentists have a tendency to simply hope that their businesses will run well even though they don't invest enough time and effort into business plans. How about actually making a plan?
Dental hygienist tired of being misunderstood and micromanaged
This dental hygienist thought she had found the perfect office. It didn't take long for things to unravel, and she was being disciplined. She feels she's misunderstood, and she wants to figure out how to improve things.
Human Resources Questions for Dentists: How to properly discipline an employee’s performance
This dentist is not happy with an employee's job performance. He needs to discipline her, but he wants to make sure he follows proper protocol and correctly shares his message.
The top 5 things you can learn from insurance claims
There are common scenarios many dentists believe will never happen to them, but, claims tell a different story. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking these top 5 dental practice claims couldn’t happen to you or your practice.
Marketing Has Changed, and You Need to Change Too
We’ve seen a lot of changes in marketing over the years, particularly in dental marketing. In fact, dental marketing was almost non-existent when I got in the business.
So You Want to Be a Practice Management Consultant
You’ve been involved in practice management, either on the clinical or administrative side, for most of your career.
5 ways to build a strong online presence for your dental practice brand
Dentists must have a presence online in order to succeed in today's environment.
Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Break Room
The primary function of a break room is to give staff a break – from work, from the décor and lighting of the practice rooms, from the furniture and equipment, from patients.
Why is it so hard to find great dental staff?
Why do many dentists complain about how hard it is to find good team members? Maybe they're making their search too narrow. Dr. Chris Salierno suggests how to expand the search.
Considerations for treating periodontal pathogens
Properly educating the patient on how the bacteria adheres to the tooth will increase the urgency for frequent and proper home care.
Don’t be like a politician in your dental practice
When you are at odds with a coworkers, do you approach the situation from a team perspective, or are you focusing on your own concerns and interests?
So far in this series, we’ve learnt (i) how Google works, (ii) how Google wants searchers to stay on Google and (iii) how to increase your chances of getting on the Google map.
How to thrive spending more time with existing dental patients and less time worrying about new ones
This dental practice has learned to live life in a slower lane, and they're profiting handsomely from the change.
DE's Recall Visit: Talking overhead with Dianne Watterson, MBA, RDH
Staff overhead takes a big chunk out of a dentist's income. How much should this overhead cost be, and how can a dentist keep track of that cost?
Jay Geier discusses the importance of new patient calls in dental practices and when it's time to let an underperforming employee go.
The top 5 reasons why your dental patients just aren’t showing up
If dentists can figure out why patients cancel their appointments at the last minute, they might be able to solve the problem. Here are a few suggestions.
Social media for start-ups
Launching a new dental practice requires a lot of planning—location, staff, equipment, financing
Patient attrition: 3 steps to finding a hidden gold mine
Let’s begin this discussion with a question: Do you know what your annual patient attrition rate is? No? Don’t worry—you’re not alone.
Still think you need new patients?
It has been reported that the normal attrition rate for dental practices is one of the highest in health care—over 20%.
What I learned and you must know from our accounts receivable outsourcing division
After 16 years as a practice management consultant, you might think I have seen it all. I might have agreed with you before my firm and I began our outsourcing division two years ago
In Part Three of this article series, we look at one way that dentists can boost their presence online.
Dental Marketing: Which Type Of Patients Are Most Profitable?
Dentists tend to target their dental marketing towards the most profitable patients.
In Part Two of this article series, we look at the impact for dentists due to changes in Google.
What makes us great dentists makes us bad business owners
That attention to detail that makes you such a great dentist may not be helping you when it comes to being a business owner.
Perhaps you’ve been blissfully unaware but for a number of years now, there’s been a subtle change going on…
Thursday Troubleshooter: What to do about patients who don’t confirm their appointments?
Problems! Who doesn't have them? If you have a problem or concern in your dental office position, you might be too close to the situation to solve it yourself.
Great things happen with a little, or a lot, of dental team cooperation
Someone recently asked me, “What is the one thing dental teams should do to help their practice and patients thrive?”
Why digital marketing should be every dentist's priority
There are many different marketing opportunities available to dentists. They should be concentrating on the digital opportunities.
You could probably use a business boot camp. Here’s why…
You could use a business boot camp because . . . • You’re tired of doing things the same way you did them last year. • You don’t want to just accept a lower PPO reimbursement as a necessary evil.
3 ways to immediately increase production in your dental practice
While the prospect of increasing production 80% sounds great, the thought of having to implement 42 strategies sounds exhausting.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Can dental employer ask for nose ring removal?
Problems! Who doesn't have them? If you have a problem or concern in your dental office position, you might be too close to the situation to solve it yourself.
Five Ways Dental Marketing Can Suck the Life Out of You
As a dental practice owner, you have a lot of responsibilities, from seeing patients and staying on top of dental technologies to running your business and making sure you’re growing.
Divide your dental marketing dollars into buckets and score more patients
Most dental offices want more new patients, but they don’t know how to get them.
Human Resources Questions: Must they honor free care benefit during an employee's leave?
The human resources landscape is constantly changing. Dentists have ongoing questions about how to handle staff issues.
5 reasons high overhead costs are holding your dental practice back
High overhead is a common problem faced by many dentists. They spend all of their money to cover monthly expenses and don’t have much, if any, left over for practice updates, technology purchases, or retirement savings.
Does Your Dental Office Need A Makeover?
As the number of dentists in the U.S. continues to grow, dentistry has become more competitive than ever before.
3 Steps To Shape Up Your Online Reputation For 2019
Are your patients’ online reviews of your dental practice putting your reputation at risk?
What Are Your Competitors Planning For The Coming Year—And How Does Your Practice Compare?
What are dentists’ biggest concerns for 2019, and what are they doing to prepare for success in the new year?
Thursday Troubleshooter: How to handle dental staff who forget to clock in and out?
QUESTION: What is the best way to manage the forgetful employees who don't remember to clock in or out throughout the day?
The hidden value of structured onboarding for your dental practice
So, you made a new hire. After all those job postings, resumés, and interviews, you finally filled a critical position with a viable recruit.
Dental practice design profile: Total Dental Care of Lake Norman
Practice vision: we wanted a space of our own, designed efficiently to reflect the way dentistry is practiced today, a space with a lot of glass and exposure to natural light, which creates the welcoming environment that we dentists envisioned.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Was it legal for dentist to take patient list when he left the practice?
When an associate dentist decided to leave the practice he had been with for five years, he took pictures of patient’s names, addresses, and phone numbers whom he had treated during the five years.
Stop calling it DIY Dentistry!
Dentists have been concerned about companies that are manufacturing orthodontic appliances without the direct supervision of dentists and the harm the public may be doing to their oral health. News organizations are spreading the word.
Avoiding communication breakdowns in your dental practice
3 ways to ensure superior daily team communication 1. The daily business meeting—This 10-minute meeting is a key element of practice efficiency.
Thinking of emailing dental patient records? Think again
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than one billion patient visits are recorded each year by doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals annually in America.
How live chat can create enormous opportunities for your dental practice
While all manner of double-your-money schemes have failed, the use of live chat has reliably increased website visit-to-appointment ratio for nearly a decade.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Do bonuses really work for dental teams?
Never underestimate the morale boosting power of a staff member receiving something extra, plus a little handwritten thank you note from the practice owners!
6 dental patient retention strategies
Every dental office manager knows that retaining current patients is just as vital to an office’s success as drawing in new prospective patients from the community. Through retention, established practices thrive and grow.
How to Streamline Clear Aligner Production With In-Office 3D Printing
Rick Ferguson DMD, DABOI/ID, DICOI, an educator in implant dentistry of 20 years, and Formlabs dental product manager Sam Wainwright walk through the full production workflow.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Dental hygienist questions fairness of new hours and is promptly fired
Is it legal to make commission-based hygienists stay before and after they see patients? Can employers take away vacation time that has already been earned?
How Your Dental Practice Can Overcome Billing Obstacles
As electronic technology continues to change the way dental practices do business, improving the process for recording and tracking patient health remains a primary challenge. Managing their billing processes and getting paid is another.
Thursday Troubleshooter: Dental hygienist working in ‘hygiene hell’
QUESTION: I’ve worked with this office for nine years and I was never double booked, but the last few months the schedule has changed. We now have patients scheduled every 30 minutes, whether it’s a perio maintenance or a prophylaxis
Thursday Troubleshooter: Pay for dental office manager agreed upon, paid, then abruptly decreased
Do you have a problem or concern on the job? Sometimes people are just too close to a situation to solve something themselves.
How real dentists conquer real stress
You are not alone. In the 2015 Dentist Well-Being Survey report by the American Dental Association, 2,122 dentists described their stress levels and triggers.
Find your next dental office hire through Facebook
Looking for a new dental team member? Look no further than Facebook. Just when we think they’ve outdone themselves in every way, they introduce the Facebook “Jobs” dashboard.
Offering the personal touch in your dental practice
Digital technology has arguably homogenized the consumer experience so much so that it has forever reshaped the way we access services and buy merchandise
Thursday Troubleshooter: What’s a good goal for recalls in a dental office?
QUESTION: Our office has one person dedicated to recall. How many recall appointments should the office expect to be scheduled in that time frame?
Your Patients Benefit When You Invest In Your Practice
Many dental professionals do things the same way since dental school. Whether they don’t want to learn new things, spend money they might not have, or are just lazy, their dental practices stay stationary while the world around them changes.
Dental practice fraud: Beyond the red flags
The association of Certified Fraud Examiners has just released its Report to the Nations: 2018 Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse.
Handling dental patient cancellations and no-shows
There are ways to discourage dental patients from cancelling and becoming no-shows, and ways to handle those who repeatedly do not make their dental appointments.
RDH refuses to wear gloves while carrying dirty cassettes or dentures
This dental professional is concerned about infection control in her practice. An RDH refuses to wear gloves sometimes, and the dentist will not confront her with the problem. What can be done?
Free eBook: Track These Key Performance Indicators to Help Your Dental Practice Thrive
In the operatory you know exactly what you are looking at, and more importantly, what you are looking for.
5 steps to creating a stronger dental team
While you may have terrific dental team members, how can you make them even stronger? A great dental team helps the practice thrive. Here are some tips to developing a consistently strong team.
To me there’s nothing more daunting than sitting down in front of a blank Word document or content calendar.
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