Introducing OrthoEd Mini Masters, the most in-depth and trusted Orthodontic course for Dentists in Australia today
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The NSK Ti-Max Z Series Handpieces are the best you can get. Premium Titanium Handpiece Bodies with unrivalled durability and support. Lighter, More Powerful and with double the warranty, why would you choose anything else?
The combination of three important characteristics and the different design options creates a difficult decision for the oral healthcare professional when choosing the right mask.
Critical Dental FREIGHT FREE online orders - December promotion
Great dental supplies, incredible prices, one easy online shopping experience. Critical Dental is the ultimate source of dental supplies for all of your clinical needs. We’re one of the top dental supply companies Australia has to offer.
NSK Autoclave iClave plus EOY SPECIAL
HURRY limited quantity! NSK Autoclave iClave plus EOY SPECIAL. More safety, more capacity. Even the best handpiece means nothing if you cannot use and decontaminate it safely.
The world-class M series is the next leap forward.
The S-Max M series is the next phase of evolution of our globally acclaimed handpieces. The embodiment of NSK’s expertise in handpieces, they deliver reliability and safety demanded by practitioners and ever-changing standards of the dental industry.
Dentapreg  fibers  WE PRESERVE TEETH
A new class of fiber reinforced composite material is suitable for building structures such as dental splints, temporary bridges and large restorations.
Have you started planning ahead for patient communications, campaigns, and marketing efforts in 2019 to maximize revenue and growth?
Love Thy Patients
Your patient database is one of the most important assets you own. How you approach patient management can make all the difference to your business.
Free eBook: Polishing - A Critical Step in Making Restorations Last
Download this free eBook to learn how an effective polishing protocol can help your patients leave your practice looking and feeling their best.
Free eBook:  Microcopy’s New Solution to Seating a Crown
Adjusting tight interproximal contacts when seating a restoration such as a crown, bridge, implant, inlay, onlay, or almost any other prosthesis, can be difficult and time consuming.
Free eBook: Front Desk Wisdom
Front Desk Wisdom: 75 Office Managers Share Their Best Tips for Success
Free eBook: Track These Key Performance Indicators to Help Your Dental Practice Thrive
This free eBook explains the value of several Key Performance Indicators you can monitor to gain a deeper understanding of how well your practice is operating.
Infographic: 11 Dental Practice Management Shortcuts
Download infographic: 11 practice management shortcuts your solution should offer, all designed to make your practice more efficient, more productive and more profitable.
Why Mac computers are the right choice for dental offices
Download this infographic showcasing all the reasons why Macs make great computers for all types of businesses, including dental practices.
Introducing OrthoEd Mini Masters, the most in-depth and trusted Orthodontic course for Dentists in Australia today
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