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Ultimo Dental Software

Ultimo Dental Solftware
160 McKinnon Rd
McKinnon, NSW 3204

Ultimo Dental Software - Dental software the way it should be.

Designed by a seasoned dentist who intimately understands the running of a dental practice – as well as the differences that typically exist from practice to practice. The result? A flexible and intuitive user experience that can be easily customized to your existing workflow and processes.

Value that’s hard to beat

Many dental practice management packages seem well priced at first. But the moment you add users, functionality or grow your patient database? You’re suddenly paying a lot more.

With Ultimo, you receive all essential modules – and more – as standard. You also have the freedom to grow your clinic without worrying about climbing monthly rates

Best of both worlds

With Ultimo, you get the best of both worlds: the convenience of cloud connectivity – supported by the speed and reliability of a robust local server on your site.

So when the internet inevitably slows down or goes down? It’s ‘business as usual’ for your practice.

Fast to run. A breeze to maintain

Built on today’s modern technology, Ultimo works lightning fast no matter how many users are on the go at any time – and regardless of your internet connection speed.

New workstations can also be setup in minutes. And as for software updates? It all happens automatically. Ongoing maintenance really is a breeze with Ultimo.

We’re as ‘open’ as a book

Ultimo is a world-class ‘open source’ dental software package that’s been customized for the Australian market.

In other words, with Ultimo your precious data is always yours. And unlike proprietary packages, our software is constantly enhanced by our local development team and expert collaborators all over the world. Ultimo also assures you premium local support to keep your practice running smoothly.